How to fix add too many redirects in WordPress

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Trying to help yourself in redirecting problem on WordPress?  No worries, it is possibly curable here. We are giving you eye-popping ways. That is how to fix add too many redirects in WordPress.

Avoid too many redirects on WordPress

Redirect is a technique for website by which it can instantly send message to the proof reader’s browser. That’s the page they have been looking , which got displaced. Just make sure the problem you are facing is not at the end of the service provider.

One should always remember to tackle these problems and by following these steps you can easily fix the WordPress and its other processing problems.

We will briefly discuss about these steps further:

  1. Clear cookies and caches of your browser.
  2. WordPress URLs must be fixed.
  3. SSL certificate must be installed.
  4. Assess your plugins and third party services.
  5. Fix your ht-access file.
  6. Contact your provider.

Fixing errors by clearing caches and cookies

Cache is totally a free cost feature in WordPress. The characteristic of caches is manageable to delete because cache of websites are automatically create by the usage of user.

Let’s talk about how to remove the caches from websites by using the WordPress most useful method.

  1. Login to WordPress splash board, then move to plugin > add new.
  2. Just find out the new cache on WordPress, then tap on install now , and select operate to let the plugin settle down.
  3. Now drag down to find fastest WordPress caches option in the settings.
  4. Now look at the delete cache tab and find which method is more convenient for you.
  5. If the method is successful, then a confirmation message will be visible on the screen.

Asses your plugins and third party services

One more issue that will cause the ERR_TOO_Many_REDIRECTS, error message is manipulated or outmoded plug-in. But certain WordPress plugins may have disagreements with your server redirects.

To inquire the main cause we need to disable all the plugins by editing them manually. You can also do it easily, by the end of your service provider file manager or an FTP client.

When you log-in the choose remote site, go to WP_content and discover the plugins folder.

By clicking on the right side of the folder, rename it with plugins_disabled. Strive to access your website. If there is no err, a message pop up on your screen, then there must be more plugins which are corrupted or outdated.

Rename the folder plugin again, and follow the same steps used in trouble shooting process. We will personally suggest you to follow recently install plugin.  Now we have to check one-by-one every plugin, whether which one is causing the problem.

How to fix WordPress URLs

If clearing caches and cookies aren’t helping you much, then you can check whether your URL settings are needed to be changed.

This problem actually occurs when there is a sort of error at creating the domain ID in WordPress site from the side of the service providers or sometimes in changing the name.

We can easily do it our self or by the help of the WordPress domain ID.

Read the following steps and see how easy it for you to fix it.

Step 1: Checking URL settings manually

When your WordPress is facing too many redirect errors, then you must be facing problem in accessing your WordPress admin area for sure. Change the URL settings by editing Wp-config.php through File Manager or FTP client like filezilla.

Now here is the full process by the providers of File Manager.

  1. By Clicking on the h-panel and moving it towards File Manager in the files.
  2. A box will pop up here is a detailed option public_html a whole detailed dictionary, Will open up click on wp-config.php file now click on the right side to
  3. Write some lines in your file like (‘WP_HOME’, ‘http:// save the changes now.
  4. Once done saving the changes check whether the URL changes fixed ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error in WordPress.

Step 2: Check data base setting of URL

Possibly you can edit your URL settings via WordPress data base.    

  1. Search for WordPress data base name via wp-config.php
  2. Simply click on the h-panel and try to arrange php- my Admin in
  3. Now please select Enter phpMyAdmin right to the next of database connected to WordPress site.
  4. Retrieve the SQL tab with phpmyadmin
  5. Now the SQL query, to replace com with the new WordPress address and as new site address.
  6. Just Click on the Go button to assure whether the query is resolved. Click on wp-options and now inquire the option_value of site URL, now return to home anyhow to check the err is definitely fixed.

I am pretty sure following steps will fix your URL settings and way closer to fix whether ‘how to fix add too many redirects in WordPress’.

htaccess file wordpress should be reset

  • htaccess is a specific file which is used by website server to guide redirects and further server settings.
  • This particular file is also used for SEO favorable URLs in WordPress and further redirects.
  • From time to time WordPress plugins can also make some changes to
  • The website htaccess file which can activate this error, possibly unproductive plugin will not move the changes from your htaccess file.
  • You have to reset your WordPress htaccess file.
  • One more time we have to access the website while using FTP or the file manager app in hosting dashboard. Once getting connected you will see the htaccess file in the cache file memory of your website.

We hope the information given in the above article helped you in resolving your problem whether ‘how to fix add too many redirects on WordPress. You can read my articles with a click on this link How to Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop Issue.

Anjali Heera

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