How To Get A Job In Canada Through A Consultancy?

job consultancy for Canada in Chennai
job consultancy for Canada in Chennai

Looking for a Job in Canada

Canada is the most immigrant-friendly destination in the world today. Canada’s Express Entry system for a skilled worker visa results in a heavy rush of people who want to move to Canada permanently. Also, Canada is experiencing a severe talent shortage and is always looking for suitable candidates from overseas. This has resulted in multiple local and foreign entrepreneurs engaged in a Canada job consultancy business. With a 6-month processing time, eligible visa applicants can expect to arrive in Canada very quickly. But what does a person do after that? Canada is not a cheap country to live in without a steady job. A permanent residence visa doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy a good quality of life once you arrive in Canada. The perfect situation would be to already have a job in hand before arriving in Canada or shortly after. So how does a person look for a career in Canada? You can find a job consultancy for Canada in Chennai, or you can look for a job on your own. 

How Can a Canadian Job Consultancy Help?

You can use official social networks to find a job in Canada. But that could be potentially a long-drawn exercise that could take weeks, if not months. You could land an interview in a few weeks, but it could take longer. From there on, it’s again a matter of chance as there will be so many applicants for the same job. Here are some points in favor of engaging a Canadian job consultancy.

  • Knowledge of the Canadian job scene: The best Canadian job consultancy will have expertise in the Canadian job market. They will know which job roles map to your work experience, age, and other factors. They will see the employer’s requirements well. Some employers may be ok to sponsor your visa; others may need you to obtain a PR first.
  • Bypass job site algorithms and filters: With job boards and networking sites, you are at the mercy of algorithms that may filter your resume out of potentially hundreds of resumes. These filters are sometimes unknown and specific to job sites. Some may filter out resumes and profiles that do not contain a photograph; others may have an experience cut-off or an expected salary filter. You can bypass these with the help of professional help through a Canada job consultancy.
  • Documentation expertise: From crafting a resume that attracts the right kind of roles to help you with a PR visa, a Canada job consultancy could provide you with an end-to-end service. Based on your profile, their expertise can help you determine basic things like eligibility for PR and the likelihood of a job in Canada.
  • Connections within your community abroad: As job consultancies provide service to others like you, they can put you in touch with fellow expatriates once you arrive in Canada. It isn’t easy to land in a foreign country and makes acquaintances with others from your community. A job consultancy could provide you with a springboard of starter connection even before you arrive in Canada.

For employers in Canada, it is as much a task to find the right candidate as it is for you to find the right job. For this reason, a lot of employers engage Canadian job consultants to find the right candidate for them. They even outsource screening processes, visa assistance, and interviews to job consultancies. Therefore, a Canadian job consultancy can be your best bet to find the right job through a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, if a potential employer is ready to sponsor the PR for the right candidate due to a skill shortage in Canada, the job consultancy can help. This way, you could even get a seamless immigration experience.

If you plan to find a job yourself, go through online resources that help create the proper resume. Incorporate the learning shared on community forums by others who went on the same journey as you for immigration to Canada. You can try on your own for a few months, depending on your timeline to immigrate. If you feel like it is a painful process to go through on your own, select the best job consultancy for Canada in Chennai to do the job for you.

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