How To Get A Turkey Visa For Bahamas Or Barbados Citizens


A Turkey visa can help you avoid issues while traveling to these countries. The application process is straightforward for citizens of the Bahamas or Barbados wishing to obtain a Turkey visa. It is important to note that a permit is required to stay longer than 90 days. Applications can be submitted in person at a Turkish Embassy or Consulate or online. Applicants must provide a valid passport, proof of funds, a travel itinerary, and a completed visa application form. With the application, applicants should provide supporting documents such as copies of their passports, valid residency permits, and proof of sufficient funds to support their stay in Turkey. Once the application has been approved, applicants will receive their visa within 7-10 working days. It is important to note that the pass must be used within 90 days of its issuance.

Turkey Visa for Bahamas Citizens

Bahamian citizens who wish to travel to Turkey must obtain a visa before departure. It is essential to ensure that all application materials are submitted promptly to ensure that the permit is issued before the intended travel date. The visa application can be completed online or at the nearest Turkish embassy. The Turkey Visa for Bahamas Citizens application requires proof of a valid passport, an itinerary, and sufficient funds. The visa application may also require current health documents depending on the applicant’s nationality. Once the application is submitted, processing the visa takes about 15 business days. In some circumstances, the visa processing time may be extended. Those traveling to Turkey should know the visa requirements and plan accordingly to ensure they have the necessary documents before departure.

Turkey Visa for Barbados Citizens

The Turks and Barbados Embassy in Istanbul offers a visa on arrival for Turks and Barbados citizens. The permit can be obtained at the embassy or by contacting the Turkish consulate in your town or city. The consulate will provide you with a visa application form and a passport photo. To apply for the visa, you must be of good character and have no criminal record. 

The visa is valid for three months and allows you to visit Turkey for 90 days. Turkey has recently opened its doors to Barbados citizens wishing to visit and stay there. The e-Visa system is available for Barbados citizens to apply for and receive a visa from the comfort of their own homes. The e-Visa system is quick and easy to use and requires applicants to provide basic details to complete the application process. 

When applying for a Turkey Visa for Barbados Citizens, applicants must provide their passport data, contact information, and proof of their financial solvency. Once all the information is submitted, the application will be processed, and you will receive your visa in the mail within five business days. The passport is valid for 90 days after entry into the country and permits the holder to stay in Turkey for up to 180 days per year.


If you are a Barbados or the Bahamas citizen and want to visit these countries, you must know the process for getting a visa. There are different ways to get a ticket, but the most common is through an embassy or consulate. To perpendicular to your trip to the country you are visiting, finding out what visa the embassy or consulate offers is essential.

Selim Khan

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