How to Get CourseHero for Free: A Step-by-step Guide -2022

how to get coursehero for free
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Need to get your hands on CourseHero? With its unlimited access to online notes and documents, it’s a godsend for any student. Get CourseHero for free you will learn by reading this post

CourseHero is priced at $20 a month. However, you can get it for free! Here’s how:

  1. Coursehero free Unlock By
  2. Upload Resources
  3. Content Stats
  4.  Rate & Review Content
  5. Refer Your Friends

What is CourseHero?

CourseHero is a website that offers an online library of resources to help students with their educational needs. CourseHero offers Notes, documents, textbooks, study guides, and many other resources at your fingertips. It’s a great resource for high school students who need a little extra help or college students who need a last-minute study guide before a test.

You can find doubts related to studying on course hero. CourseHero is a paid subscription service. It has various monthly paid plans which range from $10 to $40. If you are finding only one answer then these
plans are not worthy for you. To use CourseHero in free, read our tips to know how to unblur CourseHero in free.

Without their paid plans, you can only see a preview of documents with blurred content. Starting few lines are visible so you can check the content of the document. On the CourseHero, you get reliable and latest study material related to your course. Anyone can upload content on CourseHero but it should be original not copied from somewhere. They also pay you, if your content is valuable. Its Q&A section helps students.

How to Get CourseHero for Free

Why Should I Get CourseHero for Free?

CourseHero is a great resource for any student, but it’s also a costly subscription. For only $40 a month, you get unlimited access to online notes, documents, and other resources. If you’re a college or university student, this can be a lifesaver.

Unfortunately, not all students have the extra money to spend on CourseHero. Luckily, there is an easy way to get it for free: just submit your email address and create a free account! You’ll be able to use all the CourseHero features without paying anything upfront!

How to Get CourseHero for Free

CourseHero is an online service that provides access to textbooks and other resources for students. The company offers its services at $20 per month, but you can get them for free if you follow these steps:

Step-1:Coursehero free Unlock By

If this sounds great to you then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Free CourseHero Answers by form, go to these tools.
  2. Find the Course Hero Question or Notes you want to Get Free Course Hero Unlock from
  3. Enter the CourseHero Question or Notes link and E-mail.
  4. Tap to submit to send your question link.
  5. get your CourseHero question Answer Free and unblur within 30minutes

Step-2:Upload Resources

Upload your original study materials to help students learn. You’ll earn free unlocks for sharing your knowledge.

  • 5 unlocks for every 10 documents submitted

Step-3:Content Stats

If your content gets unlocked or receives a thumbs-up rating from other users, you can earn unlocks as well.

  • Earn 1 free unlock when 5 of your documents get unlocked
  • Earn 1 free unlock when your document gets 5 thumbs-ups

In this case, you have to upload the most helpful documents so that you can get thumbs-ups(like). Be careful about documents name, course name, institution name because it will helpful for a student to unlock and give thumbs-ups to your documents every five thumbs-ups you will get 1 free coursehero answer, notes, or documents.

Step-4:Rate & Review Content

You can view documents on CourseHero once you have earned credits by uploading content. Now, whenever you read something, always review it and give it a rating. Another way to earn free CourseHero credits is to use this method. When you review any content, course hero rewards you with free credits. Rate other users’ content to get free credits. This method works for those who can’t afford paid subscription to CourseHero.

Step-5: Refer Your Friends

Except for paying Coursehero to unlock the price, you may also get free access to 8 tutor questions by referring Coursehero to your 5 friends. The more friends you refer and make them signup with, the more reward you will get. Complete guidance to this step can also be get from Coursehero unlocks Reddit.
Tell your friends how awesome Course Hero is! They’ll get 20% off when they sign up and you’ll get 8 tutor questions for each friend who joins.


That’s it! You’ve successfully gotten CourseHero for free!

Don’t forget to use the information you learned to take back control of your academic life. Whether you’re a student or a parent, CourseHero is a great tool for getting your work done.

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