How to get Visa to travel from Mexico to the US



For momentary travel in the U.S., Mexican residents can frequently apply for a vacationer visa to enter and stay in the country for a specific timeframe. The B-1/B-2 vacationer visa is an impermanent, non-worker visa that permits people to go to the U.S. for one or the other business or the travel industry purposes.

US B1B2 Visa for the residents of Mexico

The US B1/B2 visa is a prerequisite for some non-US residents all over the planet. The interaction to get this visa will in general be monotonous more often than not. This organization permits numerous voyagers all over the planet to handily get their visas more.

AMERICAN VISA FROM MEXICO, Contingent upon the explorer’s identity the interaction can be finished either on the web or disconnected. Furthermore, candidates restoring visas can likewise do it with the assistance of this organization; iVisa offers direction through the two cycles.

What is it that I want to satisfy the B1/B2 visa recharging necessities?

AMERICAN VISA FROM MEXICO, It isn’t super hard to apply for a B1/B2 visa on the web. You just need to finish the agenda beneath. Once finished, handling the application through iVisa will be no issue. Along these lines, you will just need to stress over the meeting.

  • Your substantial identification is the main thing you really want to kick the cycle off.
  • A photo in computerized design. It ought to likewise be a new photograph keeping the legitimate rules.
  • An email address as iVisa will send you the B1/B2 visa data by means of email.
  • Installment strategy a credit or check card to pay the expenses on the web
  • Duplicates of any past visas (provided that you are reestablishing your visa).
  • Supporting records which could be anything that visa authorities expect to handle a B1/B2 visa restoration. Those utilizing iVisa, will be educated by their help group on the off chance that other supporting things are required during the application interaction.

Concentrating on in the US on ESTA US Visa

The US is the most sought-after objective for higher investigations by a large number of understudies from everywhere the world.

With various renowned colleges and universities in the USA it isn’t is really to be expected that global understudies decide to concentrate on in the USA, from seeking after a specific course that is accessible at a particular US school, to acquiring grant, or even to appreciate living in the country while considering.

So whether you are wanting to concentrate on Science and Designing at Caltech, or track down a course at one of the more reasonable schools for global understudies, for example, College of Texas at Austin, you should do an exploration and planning to take the action to concentrate on in the US.

US STUDENT VISA, While you will require an Understudy Visa to read up in the USA for a long span course or to concentrate on full-time, understudies hoping to seek after a momentary course in the US colleges and schools can rather apply for ESTA US Visa (or Electronic Framework for Movement Approval) otherwise called US Visa On the web.


F-1 Visa. This is the most well-known kind of understudy visa. On the off chance that you wish to participate in scholastic examinations in the US at an endorsed school, for example, a licensed U.S. school or college, confidential auxiliary school, or endorsed English language program then you want a F-1 visa.

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