How to get your Xero report templates “on brand” with colours and log

How to get your Xero report templates "on brand" with colours and log
How to get your Xero report templates "on brand" with colours and log
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Who is this post for?

This post is for Xero Partners who use Xero Report Templates.

You also want to make them look as professional and on-brand as possible.

Get your logo and HEX colour set up!

Here is a video tutorial that shows you step by step on how to get your logo.

Are you happy with your Xero reports feel and look?

Most of our customers like our reports.

However, they often ask if they can “format” or “change stuff” to make them look a certain way.

The answer for most of it is NO.

You can’t change font type or size.

However, you can do 2 things that add your brands presence.

Your logo

Your brand colour

So how do you do that?

Get your hands dirty

The video listed here will show you exactly how that should be done.

You can easily jump into Xero’s help centre and find some information about how to do it.

However, we have added our experience and some tips and tricks around getting things done WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF HEADACHES.

Because thats the thing right, it all looks so simple until you do it.

Then stuff goes wrong and you end up shelving the project and potentially losing.

So watch the video, we include tips and tricks including getting logos / files changed to suit and finding your brands colour quickly.

Thanks for reading the article.

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