How to Have a Great Time at a Casino

How to Have a Great Time at a Casino

We have no idea how or why we decided to go on a vacation to a casino, or even if we had planned it. However, a trip we did have planned to visit relatives in Louisiana turned out to be a three-week trip that included more casinos than we were aware of on the East Coast. We turned south on Route 81 after briefly traveling west on Route 84 in rural New York State. We went on this trip toward the end of June, so we didn’t have to worry about the weather every day. We Online Casino Games could go into and out of the mountain areas without worrying about a snow storm. We drove however many miles we wanted each day and stopped at any attraction that caught our eye because we had no set itinerary. The weather was stunning and the scenery was breathtaking. As a fun activity, we had planned to stop at some gold mining sites that we had found online. We had a great time digging for various gems and even panned for real gold.

We had a great time at our first gold mining stop in Cherokee, North Carolina. Although it is obviously a tourist trap with baited buckets of dirt, panning for a few tiny opals, emeralds, or perhaps a tourmaline stone is still enjoyable. As it was late afternoon and we had lost track of time, we inquired about nearby lodging and were directed to a Days Inn. It wasn’t fancy, but it was clean, warm, and had a restaurant where we could eat dinner. We decided to take a quick drive after eating to see what else was available in the remote region. There was a Harrah’s Indian Casino just down the street. Since we are Harrah’s customers who carry player cards, we decided to stop by and try our luck. A standard I had none by any means. My wife, on the other hand, won a jackpot of more than $2700 while playing a penny slot machine. Not bad at all, in fact. That certainly contributed a little to the vacation fund. Before the money could be redirected to another slot machine, we quickly left the casino.

The following morning, we left Cherokee and planned to travel to Nashville after visiting the Elvis home and museum in Memphis. The main Best Slot Sites house and grounds, the museum, and his airplanes took up the majority of the day at the Elvis site. By and by we found a nearby inn and keeping in mind that taking a gander at the rooms my significant other facetiously shared with the representative “Any gambling clubs around here?”. The clerk responded that there were numerous casinos in Tunica, Mississippi, which was just down the road and was a short drive away. Yes, we set out once more. When we finally made it to Tunica, we were awestruck by how many casinos lined the main strip. Bally’s, Harrah’s, Sam’s Town, The Palace, Fitzgerald’s Irish Casino, and so forth. We tracked down rooms at Harrahs and began to visit the different gambling clubs. When you join a casino’s players club, you get a card and a lanyard, and many of them also have little luck charms attached. There are currently dozens in our collection.

We stayed in Tunica for two days because our luck was really good. On her first $1 pull at Fitzgeralds, my wife won $500, and we left. We tried the various casinos’ restaurants, and since it was June, Harrah’s pool was also inviting.

After that, we made our way further south into Louisiana to visit our relatives in Slidell. Since Slidell is only a short drive from New Orleans, we were bound to see the sights there as well. We took the streetcars and buggy rides through the French Quarter. The seafood at the outside cafes was out of this world. The cemeteries and the numerous small shops should not be missed either. It’s amazing to see the tombs made of rocks and seashells. The Morial Convention Center and The River Walk are unmistakable when you head west toward New Orleans. Both are worthy of a visit. Right down the road several blocks is the New Orleans Harrah’s Gambling club. When we got there just before dinnertime, we decided to eat their buffet and play a few cards. It was my turn to win this time, and I did. After playing three-card poker until four in the morning, when I just couldn’t stay awake any longer, we walked away from the $25 table $3500 richer.

The following day, the aunt of my wife wanted to travel to Gulfport, Mississippi, which is less than an hour’s drive east of Slidell. We had no idea how many casinos there were because we had never been there. Numerous, and each one is unique. Island View, Beau Rivage, Treasure Island, and numerous others Every day, we added more players’ cards to our collection. Further to the east, Biloxi, Mississippi, is just a short drive away, and it has even more places to play. I believe we hit them all.

There was always a family member who wanted to go to the casinos, so we spent two weeks in Slidell and went back a few more times. We also enjoyed the beautiful beaches, tried every seafood restaurant we could find, and did some surf fishing.

We were well-rested when we left Mississippi and had a little more money in our pockets. Anybody who has the time should definitely go on a trip like this.

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