How to have a great time travelling with your car


Travelling by car can be one of the most fun ways to see some of the world. Whether it’s across state lines or overseas, there are many travel destinations that are more accessible and affordable when you have your car at your disposal. There are also plenty of inexpensive vacation ideas that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive if you had to fly somewhere to get there, like seeing the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Start Early

The worst thing you can do is waiting until last minute, especially if you’re planning a road trip or excursion. Depending on where you are going, there may be different rules and regulations, which is why it’s best to start preparing at least 30 days before hand. To make sure that you don’t miss anything important on your itinerary, it may help to create a list of everything that needs to be taken care of.

Bring the Essentials

Before you embark on your journey, make sure you pack light! A lot of people think that because they’re going away for an extended period of time, they need a ton of different outfits. That might be true if you’re staying in one place and just going out to dinner every night, but once you get moving and stop in multiple locations, its best not to bring more than two outfits. In fact, bringing even less will force you to mix and match more things which is always fun!

Know the Rules

It’s important to know what you can and cannot bring into another country. Depending on which country you are entering, it is common for travelers to be charged large fines or even jailed for having undeclared items or illegal substances. To make sure that you enjoy your trip and return home safely, check out each country’s Customs website (or ask at a local consulate) before packing up and leaving. And don’t forget to declare everything—it’ll save headaches later!

Consider Where You Park

Where you park can make or break your experience. There’s no question that taking public transportation is good for both you and the environment, but if you want to travel by car, consider parking it in an area that offers access to local transit lines. For example: If you’re going from New York City to Washington, D.C., park near one of Metro’s subway stations and leave your vehicle there while visiting—saving yourself time and money for sightseeing around town!

Reserve Parking Ahead of Time

Your biggest hassle when you get ready to travel is probably going to be finding and paying for parking. That’s where a little bit of planning can save you from some serious headaches. The easiest way is also one of our favorites—reserves a spot ahead of time using services like SpotHero. Just visit their website, enter your location, desired date and length of stay, and voila!

Charge All Batteries

When you’re preparing for an upcoming road trip, make sure all of your electronics are fully charged. You don’t want your phone or GPS dying mid-drive and not being able to get help in case of emergency. Bring along some chargers, too—you never know when you might need them! Keeping everything at full battery will give you more piece of mind and allow you to focus on what really matters: having fun and enjoying yourself!

Consider Your Car’s Health Before and During Travel

Before leaving on a road trip, it’s good practice to check that all of your car’s components are in working order, including your brakes and tires. In addition, you should ensure you have enough petrol or diesel in your fuel tank (never fill up right before a long drive), and that you know exactly where to get more if necessary.

Check Out Local Attractions Beforehand and Map Them Out

When you’re planning a trip, do some research on local attractions and events? This will give you things to do while you’re in town and make sure that nothing important goes overlooked. If you don’t know where to start, consider searching for things to do in [name of city] or browse through a travel magazine or website.

Don’t Forget About The Weather

If you live in an area that gets cold, don’t forget that you need to make sure that your car is prepared for winter driving. First, get all-season or winter tires. If you’re stuck with all-seasons and it starts snowing, you may end up getting stuck—which isn’t good when it’s dark out.

Selim Khan

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