How to Help Your Child Prepare for Their Examination?

high schools Examination
high schools Examination

The period of exams is difficult for any child, and as parents, you must help them in their preparation. The primary purpose of education is growing as individuals, enjoying and exploring multiple fun activities. However, children can undergo stress and nervousness frequently during exam times. Since exams are an essential element of education, feeling tense about them is normal for your child. But, as a good parent, your assistance in their preparation can offload their stress and pave their path to success.

Tips to help your kids in exam preparation

  1. Organization- Planning before studying is crucial. After knowing the exam date, there should be a checkpoint about scheduling the preparation to make your child exam-ready. Following the schedule effectively helps in stress reduction. Devising a study plan assigning a specific time for each subject and its contents could prove crucial. Working with your child while studying a particular subject topic is also essential. It includes:
  • Inquiring the subject guide about the topics is more likely to be questioned in the exam and focusing more on such topics.
  • Arrange your child’s notes and condense them to important and required details.
  • Frequently testing to keep track of your child’s progress.
  1. Knowing about your child’s learning style – This is a crucial factor in determining the learning efficacy of your child. Every individual has a different method of processing information. Constant observation of your child’s studies would give you an idea of what suits them properly. Roughly, there are four learner types:
  • Visual learner – The learners who require visual teaching methods learn better in that manner.
  • Auditory learner – The learners who are most adept at listening to sounds, repetition of the information helps them better.
  • Reading/Writing learners: The learners who learn better by writing stuff or looking at notes written down.
  • Kinaesthetic learner: The learners who learn better by doing or acting or implementing what they are taught in reality. They usually employ activities or playful methods to process the information.
  1. Teach them new techniques- Only informational reading sometimes produces the best output, and the entire method becomes monotonous. Our institution is one of the few high school in Pune which emphasizes innovative learning methods. They include the Pomodoro method, flashcards etc.
  2. Reward good work – If your child has shown patience and progression in their studies, rewarding them can boost their morale. Cooking delicious food together, playing, spending quality time, and other relieving exercises can inspire them in their exam preparation.
  3. Stay healthy – A healthy diet improves a child’s mental ability and keeps them in a good frame of mind to grasp information. Besides, exercise is also essential as it helps reduce anxiety for exams.
  4. Provide emotional support- Emphasizing your child’s emotional needs raises confidence. A positive approach directly impacts exam performance in a better way. Catering to their emotions is crucial for their success.
  5. Regular tests – Testing is an essential element of learning because it enables your child to understand their efforts and recognize the mistakes in their preparation. It ensures better results in examinations. Thus, the best primary schools in Pune schedule regular testing and performance reviews. They also give special attention to children who have weaknesses in different areas of education.
  6. Proper Night’s Sleep – It is crucial to have a good sleep schedule for your child every day, but the night before the exam is more important. This is because lack of sleep affects mental ability negatively. It reduces the concentration, skillset and overall mood. Hence, the performance also observes a decline.

As a parent, you wish the best learning opportunities for your child to pave their future development. Look for the best schools that can provide support and a comprehensive curriculum to impart the best education to your children.

Jyoti Arora


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