How to hide followers on Instagram

How to hide followers on Instagram: Are you trying to find a solution to hide your Instagram followers? There is no way to entirely disappear from your profile on Instagram, despite the fact that you can tweak a lot of the privacy settings. Even if you can’t completely hide your Instagram followers, there are techniques to restrict who can see them.

With Instagram, there is no formal “hide followers” feature.

How to hide followers on Instagram:
Yet as of May 2022, Instagram may be experimenting with such a feature for verified (accounts with a blue checkmark).
While seeing the followers of specific celebrities and video game firms, several users claim that they started receiving the phrase “Only (username) can see all of their followers” in early May.
The majority of accounts (even verified accounts) cannot hide their followers, and many individuals can still see such “hidden” follower lists as a result of this test.

Only those who follow you on Instagram can see who follows you while your account is private.

How to hide followers on Instagram:
Create a private account by:
On Instagram’s lower right corner, tap the profile symbol.
Choose Settings by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
Click Privacy.
Toggle the “Private Account” switch.
For personal accounts, making your account private is a decent workaround, but if you’re a creative brand seeking to grow your audience, you should probably leave your account public.

Take them away so they can’t see who is following you.

How to hide followers on Instagram:
Your account is now private, so only the people you follow can see your posts, stories, and followers. Exists anyone who you don’t want to see your followers but who is already following you? Just unfollow them to get rid of them:
At the bottom right, tap the image of your profile.
Toggle Followers on top.
Tap Remove next to the individual you wish to delete as you scroll down.
To confirm, tap Delete once more.

Instagram blocking keeps someone from seeing your followers as well.

How to hide followers on Instagram:
While they can still view your follower count on your profile, they won’t be able to click or tap it to view your followers’ names, get in touch with you, or view your posts and stories. Using Instagram to block someone:
Visit the person’s profile you want to block.
In the top-right corner, click the three dots.
Press Block.
Press Block once more to confirm

This is a fantastic choice if you simply want to keep your followers a secret from one individual or a select few users.


How to hide followers on Instagram:
It’s possible that users you block have other accounts you’re unaware of. Unless your account is private, they will still be able to view your followers when they login into Instagram with an unblocked account.

1 – Hide your followers from Instagram users who are not subscribers.

On Instagram, you have the option of hiding your following and followers list from anyone who is not a subscriber to you. For this, set your account to private.

With a private Instagram account, present yourself in your bio if you want to get followers. The only portion of your profile that users who are not subscribers will see is this. Thus it should present you in the best possible light. Learn how to make a straightforward page about your company that includes pictures and videos, then link to it from your bio.

Instructions for making your Instagram account private

How to hide followers on Instagram:

  1. Launch Instagram and click on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Privacy.
  4. Slider near Private account to the right.
  5. Switch to Private to confirm the activity.

2 — Hide specific users”’ followers’ and followings listings on Instagram.

Setting the profile to private in this situation is insufficient. You’ll also need to remove their followers from your followers list. Then they won’t be able to access your profile.

By the way, our article has further information about why it’s important to periodically clean your Instagram followers list.

3 — You can hide your Instagram followers without making them private.

Making your page private to conceal your followers and followings list is not a good idea if you are trying to market your account. The only remaining option is to block users.

That can take some time since you have to manually block each person’s access one by one. But, this will prevent some Instagram users from seeing who you follow and who follows you. advised that the blocked users won’t ever be able to discover your page on Instagram again (until you unblock them). Anger and disputes may develop if a user one day discovers that he or she cannot find your page in the search.

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