How to increase credit limit on HDFC credit card?

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Many people’s lives today depend on their credit cards in one way or another. And the existence of the Credit Card limit is one of the facts people must face. You probably already know that you cannot use your credit card indefinitely. There is a set credit card limit that you are not allowed to spend more than. Your ability to make purchases may be restricted as a result.

If you’re already an HDFC Bank customer, then you qualify for upgrades! We offer these to our customers as per the terms and policies set by the bank. To see if you qualify, just check if you’ve used your Credit Card for at least six months. HDFC Bank gives credit card customers the option to increase their limit or opt for an upgrade. You can either increase the limit of your current HDFC credit card or upgrade to the next level.

This credit card limit is determined by several factors and varies from card to card and even from person to person. The bank determines the upper limit based on their assessment of your financial capacity. Your income is one of the things they consider; the bigger your income, the higher the credit card limit will be. Based on your track record of debt payback, your credit score is something else they consider. Your credit limit will increase as your credit score rises.

The subject of how to raise your credit card limit then arises. Can it be completed promptly?

Here are a few tips to increase your Credit Card limit:

1) Intend to improve your credit score

With a higher credit score, you can enjoy bigger credit limits. Therefore, make an effort to raise your credit score. Credit scores can be raised by making on-time payments, taking out fewer loans, using less credit, etc. Remember that consistency is essential when it comes to credit scores.

2)Request for a higher credit limit on an existing card

How may the credit limit on your current card be increased? Can this be done? Yes, your bank can assist you with that. If you request it, it can raise the credit limit on your current card. Naturally, this will rely on several variables, including your salary, credit history, and credit score. If you have many cards, deciding which one you wish to raise the limit on is important.

3)Provide more details

Banks may occasionally need to be made aware of changes in your financial situation that would qualify you for a greater credit card limit. For instance, you might have recently received a sizable pay raise, but you’re still using your previous credit card at its current limit. If that occurs, you can advise your bank of this and request that they either raise your limit to reflect your new financial situation or issue you a new card with a larger limit. Consolidating your accounts could also give the bank a complete financial picture. It’s preferable to combine all of your bank accounts, for instance, if they contain small amounts of money separately.

4) Maintain a low credit utilisation ratio

Your credit account’s credit utilisation ratio measures how much you spend each month compared to your credit card limit. Maintaining a low number demonstrates that you have control over your finances and raises your credit score.

5) Minimise or eliminate some of your liabilities

Get rid of some of your set monthly obligations, or finish paying off any outstanding mortgage or auto loans. If you can demonstrate your ability to pay your outstanding bills, your credit card business will be persuaded while reviewing your current debt.


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Nothing can stop you from increasing your credit limit now that you know how. It would help if you always had a bigger credit card limit because you never know when you might need one. It may be especially helpful in the event of a financial emergency.

Naturally, you should be aware that issuers conduct due diligence before giving an additional credit limit. If you meet their requirements, your credit limit may be increased. However, there is no justification for a bank to refuse a credit card limit increase if you have the resources and the necessary credit history.

If you’re looking to increase your HDFC credit card limit, the Credit Card App can help. With a few simple clicks, you can easily request an increase in your credit limit. Plus, the app provides useful tips and information on how to use your credit card responsibly. 

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