How to install stainless filter housing

Stainless Steel Filter
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Filter housings made of stainless steel offer the advantages of having a low operating costs and simple operation. They’re the top in filtering equipment due to their long-lasting filtering effects. How do we set up this stainless-steel filter?

Installing the filter’s stainless steel housing procedure is as the following:

1. The stainless steel filter system can be placed vertically or horizontally in accordance with the local conditions. The device should connect with the pipeline in accordance with its direction. water’s intake and outlet. If the equipment is installed vertically, the inlet for water of the device is to be upwards. Likewise, when it is installed horizontally, the outlet of the sewage system should be down.

2. This stainless-steel filter must be installed using bypass, to allow the machine to be repaired and maintained with no being stopped.

3. The space between equipment and the wall is no less than 1500mm. The distance between the wall and the equipment should not be less than 1,000mm. the maintenance space should not be less than 500mm must be provided between the equipment and the surrounding area.

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4. Valves must be placed at the water outlet as well as the water outlet and wastewater outlet for the filter made of stainless steel and the pipeline for sewage shouldn’t be too long.

5. When installing and operating, pay careful attention to the security for the control box the sensor, transmission and control box to avoid destruction. When you adjust the electric component be sure to pay attention to the direction of rotation of the motor, making sure it is aligned with the indicated direction.

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6. When you install the device when you install the equipment, connect the pipes according to the direction shown by the Arrow on the self-cleaning stainless steel filter body.

The following is a description of the method for installation of stainless steel filters. With these tips for installation I hope to assist you learn the right installation techniques. If it’s properly installed the lifespan for the filter made of stainless steel will last extremely long, but remember to keep it maintained.

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