How to Keep Pet Hair from Taking Over Your Home

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It might be difficult to prevent pet hair from taking over your house, especially if your pet has long hair. We can’t deny the fact that we all love pets. Whether they are cute little puppies or kittens or full-grown dogs or cats. They are our companions in their own way. However, the massive problem that comes with them is the messiness they create and the body hair they shed, which is literally everywhere.

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Cleaning services

Now, before going to our topic we want to discuss a little about cleaning services. there is a variety of them available provided by a variety of cleaning service providers. However, you have to know that you need to be careful with the selection of the company, as without assurance you can’t allow the excess of your private space. That’s why finding a renowned company like Glow up clean INC to have cleaning services would be the wisest choice you make.

A few ways to reduce pet hair in your place

We know handling pet hair is the worst and most excruciating part of the cleaning process. However, we have some pet hair remedies to prevent dander from overtaking your home so you may be always ready for guests coming over for the holidays or to keep your home spotless regardless of the occasion.

Bath your pet regularly

Regularly give your pet a bath. Daily brushing of your cat or dog will eliminate loose hair and keep it from getting all over your house. Moreover, it will be beneficial for your pet’s health and overall house hygiene. As this will prevent pest infestation on your pet and keep the germs away from your place. It would be great to eliminate the signature smell of having a pet from your home.

Regularly vacuum

Pet hair may be removed from your floors and furnishings with the aid of a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Plus doing it already will prevent all the pet hair from sticking tightly with the carpet fibers and they would easily be removed. You can do it yourself or you can ask your housekeeper or maid if you have any to do it for you.

lint roller it

Pet hair may be easily removed from clothing, furniture, and other surfaces with lint rollers. Yes, you read it right. They are excellent little tools to remove your pet’s hair from your clothes, coats, sofas, and every surface where these rollers could be used. In fact, there are many new kinds of tools in the market that are somewhat similar to these rollers and help you with the collection of your pet hair.

Wrap the furnishings

Consider covering your sofas and chairs with slipcovers or blankets since pet hair might stick to the furniture. Look at the bright side, you can have floral or other designed covers that would emphasize the look of your furniture and at the same time would provide you protection against pet hair from sticking to your furniture. This hack is especially helpful in the case of sofas.

Utilize a wet cloth

Pet hair may be removed from furniture and other surfaces with a moist towel. This old-school technique is still an important one that works wonderfully well. All you need is a damp towel or a linen cloth that can capture as much hair as possible. Just rubbing it over your rugs, furniture, or sofa would be enough to gather all the pet hair that your pet would have shed.

Groom your pet frequently

Regular grooming helps regulate your pet’s hair loss by reducing the amount of hair it loses. You can have those little gadgets that are available on amazon that help remove hair from your pet’s body before it shed them all over the place.

Hire a reputable residential cleaners

By routinely cleaning your home, housekeeping services, like those provided by Residential Cleaners in El Paso, could assist in keeping pet hair under control. They would have the right tools and proper training to handle all your pet’s hair effortlessly.

So, the summary is, you can have a variety of ways to deal with pet hair problems in your place. But, if you don’t have time you can always consider having Glow up clean INC cleaning services.


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