How to maintain the loader

The harsh and cruel winter climate is undoubtedly a test for the tool loader that can create wealth for us, so we should carry out more reasonable and careful maintenance. Now I will share with you some precautions for winter loader maintenance, so that the loader can serve you better.

( 1) It is relatively difficult to use the small excavator in winter. It is recommended that each start should not exceed 8 seconds. If it can not be started, the start switch should be released, and the second start should be made after parking for 1 minute. After the engine is started, idling for a period of time (it should not be too long, too long will form carbon deposits on the inner wall of the cylinder, and the phenomenon of pulling the cylinder will occur), one is to charge the battery, the other is to make the water temperature reach 55 ℃ and the air pressure to 0.4 Mpa, and then Start driving again.

( 2) Generally, the temperature is below 5 ° C. Before starting the engine, water or steam should be heated for preheating. After preheating to above 30 ~ 40 ° C, start (mainly preheat the temperature of the cylinder, and then heat the temperature of the foggy diesel oil.) Because the general diesel engine is compression ignition);.

( 3) Full-load operation is allowed only when the <small excavator for sale of the diesel engine is higher than 55 ° C and the oil temperature is higher than 45 ° C; the water temperature and oil temperature of the engine should not exceed 95 ° C, and the oil temperature of the torque converter should not exceed 45 ° C.

( 4) When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the cooling water in the lower water chamber of the water tank, the engine, the oil cooler and the torque converter oil cooler should be released after working every day to avoid freezing and cracking; there is water vapor in the air storage tank, which is often discharged, to prevent freezing, resulting in brake failure. If antifreeze has been added, do not release it.

( 5) If the storage vehicle is out of use for more than half a month, the engine must be started every 15 days and run for a period of time to charge the mini backhoe. If the time is too long, please remove the battery and use a charger to charge it, and move it appropriately., Change the pressure part of the tire to prevent the tire from deforming; if the vehicle needs to be parked for more than two months, the negative electrode of the battery must be disconnected or removed.

( 6) When the air temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the concentration of antifreeze should be checked regularly, and it is forbidden to use mini backhoe for sale as the coolant of the engine

iram ali

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