How to Make Money from Music Blogs?

How to Make Money from Music Blogs?

Are you one of the people who want to earn through their passion? Do you want to monetize your hobby? Then you are in the very right place. This blog will discuss how you can monetize your blog, especially if it’s a music blog.

In today’s era of technology and the internet, it is now possible to earn through your hobby. If you love music and want to create a blog on it, it can make a great way to earn. As music listeners are growing with each passing day, according to a research, a huge number of people are streaming music today than ever before. This growing number of streamers is increasing the chance to flourish and monetize your music blog and the music industry as a whole as re 34.

To listen to music, to talk about it and to share it is the hobby of most of the people among us. And some of them have been so driven by their hobby and passion that they have created blogs that talk about music and share all the latest news and updates on music. However, if your passion and hobby is ceramic art then you can also create a pottery blog and make money from it.

But what, despite all the efforts and energy they are giving to their blogs, is not giving them enough in return. It is undoubtedly demotivating but don’t you worry, people, we are here to help you. This blog will tell you the five most practical tips and tricks to monetize your blog and increase traffic on it and double up your revenues.

Setup a Webshop:

Creating your webshop and selling products and services to your readers is one of the simplest ways to start earning from your blog.

There is a wide variety of digital and virtual products that you can sell to make money through your blog.

The very first thing is the music itself. You can create your own music and start selling it to people. You can write Starboy Lyrics and sell them; you can compose music and sell the compositions you composed; you can also sell your music video ideas to the people searching for them. You can also sell other people’s music.

Along with music you can sell music concert tickets. You can sell music production softwares, music editing softwares, and video editing softwares. You can also accessories related to music, including headphones, iPods, earbuds, Mp3 players, and alot more.

You can also deal in merchandise. These merchandise products include your brand or website’s inventory, including t-shirts, mugs, and posters that are easy to sell. Print-on-demand service makes the merchandise easy.

To implement a webshop, you would need to have a basic knowledge of web development. This would not only save you from the development cost and will also give you the freedom to design and update your shop in your own way.

Affiliate marketing and Ad Networks:

Affiliate marketing and Ad is one of the most effective techniques to get your blog monetized. It is one of the easiest ways to make money through your website. There are several advertisement networks you can use. One of the most popular and easy to set up is Google AdSense.

Many of these ad networks pay you a little money for each visitor who clicks through to the sponsor’s website. If you have a significant number of followers, this can give you a steady flow of ad money.

Affiliate marketing is quite different from Ad networks. In an affiliate program, you get the money for each purchase. In affiliate marketing, if a visitor to your blog clicks through and leaves, you don’t get paid. However, if the visitor buys something, you will get a small percentage of the profit. It can include contests and special discounts for your followers. This strategy will help to retain your followers and can also increase the number of your followers. Affiliate marketing is one of the most growing businesses with a growth rate of about 10 percent annually.

Affiliate marketing does not give you as much money as ad networks, but affiliate payments would be bigger though.

The best way is to combine both these advertising techniques to make more money. Combining these techniques will get you a steady flow of small payments for pay-per-click ads and spread out bigger payments for affiliate sales.

Sell Ad Space directly:

Whileusing an advertisement program, there is usually a middleman who gets most of the profit for very little work. If you put that extra effort for which you are hiring a middle man, you can get more profit. This strategy can earn you more than affiliate marketing, and, best of all, you can choose what would be advertised on your website. Selling your Ad space directly will give you the freedom to post the ads that would attract your readers, and they would click them.

And to your surprise, there is nothing complex involved in doing direct advertising. You can simply use the articles on your music blog as ad space.

Paid Subscriptions:

This strategy can take a significant amount of work and energy to implement, but it would be worth implementing if you have a considerable following.

Create premium content for the paid subscribers only, keep its quality high, release the short clips of the best shots and give people a glimpse that what they will get if they pay for it. If your content would meet the expectations of your visitors, they would definitely pay for it. You can also introduce discount packages and offers for paid subscribers to make them stay longer.

Work on the Traffic of your Music Blog:

The key to the success of all these monetizing strategies is to have a significant amount of traffic on your blog. To make sure a steady stream of visitors on your blog is half of the challenge done. All of the above strategies will give results if you have a significant number of visitors to your blog. To increase the traffic on your blog, optimize the SEO of your website. A good marketing network like relevant and effective social media outlets can also play a vital role in increasing traffic on your blog.

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