How to Make Patients Feel Better with Epilepsy

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The illness known as epilepsy affects how the brain’s nerve cells work. It may result in seizures. In addition to being inherited, epilepsy can also result from a stroke or damage to the brain.

A person’s ideas, actions, and even level of consciousness might change as a result of seizures. There are only a few signs to look out for when the person is not having a seizure.

The top three epilepsy treatments include surgical procedures, technological gadgets, and dietary changes.

The one feature that all epileptic seizures have in common is that they all start in the brain.

Epilepsy causes seizures

A person only experiences one likely seizure in their lifetime. In contrast, seizures caused by epilepsy start in the brain.

Many types of seizures can look to be epileptic, even if they don’t start off that way. Convulsions may be brought on by low blood sugar or an erratic pulse. In very young infants, fever can cause “febrile convulsions,” or jerking motions (jerking movements). However, they are not seizures brought on by epilepsy.

You might have epilepsy if you’ve had at least two convulsions

NICE advises seeking medical attention as soon as you believe you may have epilepsy (a medical professional with advanced training in diagnosing and treating epilepsy).

It will help your doctor diagnose your illness if you describe what happened before, during, and after your seizures. Most people have discomfort, weariness, and visual issues before going to bed. For instance, there are several things that can cause a seizure. Seizures, however, can happen at any time and cannot be avoided.

What types of counseling are there?

Epilepsy is sometimes referred to as a chronic disorder because it can last for many years or even a lifetime. Seizures can’t be “fixed,” but they can usually be “managed” in a way that lessens or eliminates the negative effects they have on a person’s life. Therefore, the most crucial component of treatment is frequently managing seizures.

Anticonvulsant drugs are widely used by people with epilepsy to treat their seizures (AEDs). A drug called pregabalin is used to treat epileptic seizures. Pregabalin 150 mg and Pregabalin 300 mg are the most often prescribed doses of the medication. Alternative therapy may be taken into consideration if ASM is unable to stop the seizures.

several strategies

After a string of episodes, epilepsy is typically identified, and potential therapies are addressed. A doctor should make the diagnosis, particularly if they have experience treating epileptic patients. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has been proposed by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

After a single seizure, treatment may be thought about in extremely uncommon circumstances. Your doctor won’t recommend this drug if they think you’ll still have seizures. They could advise that you start therapy right away if this is the case.


AEDs, also referred to as anticonvulsant drugs, change the brain’s electrical activity, which triggers seizures. It is not used to manage or stop seizures or epilepsy. ASM should be taken every day at the same time for the best results. Up to 70% (seven out of ten) of patients’ seizures can be completely cured (they stop happening) with the best ASM (stop having seizures).

Is my epilepsy endangering me?

Risk-taking is a part of every facet of our life, but some are scarier than others. The potential for a negative outcome, such as loss or harm, connects the two lines. Taking a risk involves stepping beyond of one’s comfort zone and trying something new. A risk, however, can also be thought of as the chance that something bad will happen.

Your risk of getting epilepsy depends on a number of variables, such as whether you currently experience seizures, their type, frequency, severity, and effects, as well as whether you have any underlying medical concerns, such as breathing or heart issues. This is due to the fact that every person with epilepsy has a different experience with the condition.

Think about the dangers to your health and safety that could exist. It could be challenging or discouraging. On the other hand, a risk analysis could help in the development of strategies to lower risks and guarantee safe operations. Knowing the risks specific to your industry may help you feel more in control and focus on your most important goals.

Additionally, people who experience seizures may be more likely to injure others or themselves. If you want to carry out your task independently and keep your autonomy, think about risk management.

Even though you have epilepsy, you might not worry or feel anxious

Your epilepsy and your behavior could seem like major roadblocks. A list of the various epilepsy therapies is provided on this page. Additionally, we go over how to ask for help, how to drive, how to look for a job, and how your friends may help you if you have a seizure. We also discuss how epilepsy patients feel. We also talk about having sex, using drugs, and going out with friends.

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