How To Make Your Xbox One Controller cool Than Ever

How To Make Your Xbox One Controller cool Than Ever
How To Make Your Xbox One Controller cool Than Ever

Whether you’re at home or playing a game on the go, having your gaming console look good is essential to feeling inspired to play. Fortunately, the Xbox One controller template has enough built-in features that it’s easy to customize your console to fit in with your other tech accessories and furniture. Just remember that while some of these customizations may not be for everyone. From swapping out different colored lighting panels to adding extra RGB lights, there are many ways you can make your controller stand out from others. Even if you don’t have access to an electronics kit, most of these customization ideas are simple enough for anyone to try. So whether you want your controller to match the rest of your home decor or just want them a bit cooler than everyone else, check out this guide for some cool Xbox One Controller customizations that will have everyone asking where you got them from!

Change The Color Of Your Xbox One Controller’s Buttons

A few of the many customizations you can make to your controller are changing the color of the buttons on the controllers, swapping out the controllers’ RGB lighting panels, and adding an additional Xbox One Controller to your setup. If you’d like your controller to match the rest of your home decor, opting for a Darkside-colored controller is the perfect way to go. While there are many ways to go with this, here are a few of the more popular options:

Button color – There are plenty of options when it comes to button color. You can get creative with primary and secondary buttons; you can even go with a custom color!

Panel color – This is another unique custom option. You can get creative with the color and patterning of the panel on your controller to create a truly unique look.

Another way to make your xbox one controller is using skin template for more info.

Swap Out The Controllers RGB Lighting Panels

The controller’s lighting panels can also be altered to match your preferences. If you’re looking for an extra bright light show, opt for a bright color. If you like a more subtle light source, go for a more subdued color. As with almost everything, there are plenty of options here. Lighting panels – With so many customizations you can make to the lighting panels on your controller, it’s easy to end up with a collection of colorful lights on your controller that will catch the eye of everyone in your household.

Add An Additional Xbox One Controller To Your Set Up

If you want your controller to match the rest of your setup, but would rather keep it at a desk or another convenient location, there is an easy way to do that as well. Add an additional controller to your setup and you’ve got yourself a complete home/ office setup that doesn’t look out of place. Whether you choose to use the same controllers or buy new ones, having an extra controller makes the setup much easier to maintain and move around. If you’d like to use an existing controller, you can simply rotate the panels to face the other direction. This will make it much easier to take the controller with you wherever you go.

Change The Titling And Backgrounds On Your Controller’s Buttons

If you want to go all out with your controller’s design, you can change the titles and backgrounds on the buttons. This is a two-step process where the first step is to remove the buttons from the controller and the second is to remove the backing on which they are mounted. If you’d like to keep the original buttons as an option, you can just reverse the process and have your new design start with the same buttons!

Customize The Colors In Your Xbox One Controller’s Light Stripes

The light panels on your controller can also be used as a canvas for your own personal branding. Whether you choose to use the light panels as your logo or use a custom color for them, the light striping options are endless. You can get creative with it!

Use An Xbox 360 Controller Or Another Gaming Controller As A Replacement

If you want to try a bit of wiring and controlling your Xbox One from a different device, the Xbox 360 controller may be just the thing for you. This device is similar in design to an old-fashioned controller with a few extra buttons and a serial number. The button texture and lighting options are exactly the same as those on an Xbox One controller, so you can easily connect the two devices to switch between the two controllers’ light panels.

Wrap Up

The customization options with the Xbox One controller are practically limitless. By taking a look at what’s already out there and then looking at what else is possible, you can create a controller that is truly your own. Whether you’re looking for extra light striping, color options, extra buttons, or even different light panels, there is something for everyone with this controller. You can personalize it to match your home or office decor or you can use it as a plain old controller to connect to your console and game. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your Xbox One controller looking good!

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