How to Organize Your Handbag with a Chanel Base Shaper 

Handbags from Chanel are timeless aesthetics that never go out of style but can lose all their glamour if not provided proper care. If we review a bag of a working woman or a mother, all we could find are some past receipts and used tissues. 

This is why they can’t access important items like phones, and wallets quickly. Proper organisation is the only way by which you can eliminate that last-minute digging into your bag. Today, we will be discussing those organisational steps one should follow to keep their Chanel bag sorted. 

Bag Base Shaper – Organisation Plus Beauty

A bag base shaper is a thin piece of material, usually made of plastic or cardboard, that is placed at the bottom of a handbag to provide structure and support.

It can help to improve the overall shape of your bag, making it look more structured and polished. This is particularly useful for bags made of soft materials like leather or fabric that tend to lose their shape over time.

By providing a flat surface at the bottom of your bag, a Chanel 19 bag base shaper can help to organize your belongings more effectively. This can prevent your bag from becoming cluttered and disorganized, which can detract from its overall appearance.

If you don’t have enough time to follow a number of organisational steps, give try to bag base shapers from MBoutique. They offer a reasonable price and an active worldwide shipping service. 

Step-by-Step Guidelines For Better Purse Organisation

Take Out Everything From Your Bag

First of all, pull everything out of your bag in order to organize it all again. This way, you would also be able to clean it from the inside which is another crucial step one should follow for the care of their bag. Don’t forget small pockets. 

Arrange All The Items You Found

Now, you need to make piles of similar items like your moisturizer, some basic makeup, facewash, and sanitiser come in a single category.

Similarly, you will be finding money from different parts of your bag, arranging all of them together and keeping them in your wallet. Also, you can buy a separate card wallet for your Id cards and other credit or debit cards for better access. 

Throw Away Trash and Unnecessary Things

Once you pull out everything from your bag, you will must find a couple of things that no longer deserve space in your bag. It can be any empty packet or bag. It’s better to eliminate them as they are taking up more space inside your bag than you think. 

Decide What Needs To Go Into Small Pockets 

Small pockets are the most easily accessible part of your bag so you can keep your belongings accordingly. It’s suggested to leave them for your headphones, house or car keys and of course, your cell phone. 

Look For Pouches

Sectioning inside your bag can make your bag all arranged and spacious. You can buy medium-sized pouches for this purpose. It is advised to choose a different colour for each pouch if you struggle while memorising things. 

For example, you would know all your hair accessories including hairband, hair pins and hair brush are in the green pouch. 

Stick A Name Label To It

Some people find it difficult to look for their items in their bags just because they forget where they placed them before. So it’s always better to label your pouches for your makeup pouch, you can attach a label named cosmetics.

Arrange A Separate Pouch For Your Most Require Belongings

There are some things inside our bags that we rarely use as well as some that we utilize almost daily. So you can make a separate pouch for it and keep your most require belongings including your glasses, phone charger etc inside it. 

Repeat Every Month 

Repeating this progress all over again is necessary as the organisation requires frequent maintenance. If you find it difficult to repeat this process again every month then using a Chanel handbag base shaper is a long-term solution for your messy bag. 

You can see really good options at MBoutique in affordable price ranges. The best thing is that you can also buy their customisation services for the perfect colour and exact size. 

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