How To Pay Using Bharat QR Code?

bharat qr code
bharat qr code
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The Bharat QR code is the latest initiative to promote digital transactions. Bharat QR code platform has been launched for making payment directly through bank without using physical debit or credit card at merchant outlets. MasterCard, American Express, National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) and Visa have collaborated to promote this payment method.

Bharat QR Code is a type of barcode that can be scanned by smartphones and used to pay at merchant outlets. It is also known as Quick Response (QR) code. The code can be generated by banks and stored in their mobile apps. These codes are created by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) for faster payments.

Here is how to pay using Bharat QR platform using your mobile:

The Bharat QR code is a quick and secure way to make payment through your smartphone. It is an interoperable payment solution that uses a standardised technology platform for making payments.

Bharat QR code is an Indian version of the international QR code, which allows you to make payments without having to physically carry cash or cards. In this article, we will tell you how to use Bharat QR code for making payments.

1). Download and install the respective app of your bank on which Bharat QR feature is available.

2). Login to the app. Sign Up on the app and set your pin.

3). Link your Credit/Debit card to App. You can select any Visa, MasterCard or Rupay card.

4). Choose Bharat QR option for payment (differs from bank to bank and app to app).

5). Scan the Bharat QR code at the Merchant store for making payment. There are two types of QR code, static and dynamic QR code. If it is a Static QR code, scan QR code to pay, enter the amount and make payment. Dynamic QR code is generated by the merchant for each transaction and in that case the amount is automatically displayed.

Top 5 Benefits Offered by Bharat QR Code to Boost your Business

#1. Do Away with the POS Machine

Bharat QR is the payment solution, which enables you to receive payments from your customers just by scanning the QR code from their mobile phone. This feature has gained popularity among both private and commercial sectors due to its simplified and time-saving nature. You can easily avoid the struggles of face-to-face transactions, while accumulating cash at the same time. Imagine serving your customers without a POS machine!

#2. Limitless Payment

With Bharat QR Code, you can receive payments on any number of sums, instead of having to decide with your clients how much they should pay at a time. Your clients simply need to scan the code and transfer the sum they want to pay.

#3. Quick, Safe & Secure

We have come a long way since the time when Bharat QR code was first introduced in 2014. Innovations made to the Bharat QR code ensure even more secure and convenient payment gateways that help you save time, reduce errors and make payments smoothly.

#4. Dynamic System

Bharat QR Code – The new standard in India for mobile payments. The new Bharat QR code can be used by railway ticket vendors, traders, business owners or anyone who wants to accept payments in a quick, secure and reliable way

#5. User-Friendly App

Bharat QR code is the solution for you if you have a business with payment systems and your business has a lot of footfall. Brochures and pamphlet campaigns are used to spread awareness about your product or service. With Bharat QR Code, you can now add this QR code to every pamphlet that is circulated and it will be an easy way for people to pay money without even having to download an app!

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