How to Pick the Right Scarf for Yourself?

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A scarf is not just a piece of cloth to protect you from heat, sun, and cold weather anymore. But a
good collection of its varieties levels up your wardrobe and create a style statement for you as
well. When it comes to glam up your dull and regular dress, a scarf is the most versatile fashion
accessory that can transform your entire look. Around the neck is the style commonly followed
for scarves, but you need to pick the style that compliments your figure, especially if you are a
woman. If the scarf is small, you can use it as a head wrap. Longer and wide scarves can act as
shawls, hang it from your left shoulder or wrap yourself in it and twist it to convert into a vest or
a top. 
The scarf uses a variety of materials that make it all-season wear. Hence, it makes sense that you
keep a scarf to twin with all your outfits. There are plenty of scarves for girls online with vivid
sizes, shapes, colors, bold prints, small prints, no prints, and fabrications. You should first
consider the type of scarf you want while shopping for scarves. You might belong to the
population that doesn’t wear scarves regularly as part of their outfits but wants to get into this
trend. This article will help you know how to choose the right scarf for yourself for every season
or occasion.

Read on to buy the best scarf next time that flaunts your personality and style!

Consider Your Skin Tone

Before you pick a scarf, it is equally crucial to know your skin tone to have the correct match for
your outfit. All colors are not for every skin tone. To check whether a scarf color suits your skin
tone, hold the scarf up to your face, look at a mirror and see if its color is a contrast to your eye
or hair. If it brightens your look, you should buy it, otherwise move to the next one. Once you
find a hit, it’s time to find an outfit that goes well with it.

Product Material Matters

The material of a scarf plays a vital role in determining the best scarf for you. Cotton is always a
soothing, comfortable, and lightweight fabric and has its own language, but cashmere silk
scarves never go out of fashion. You wrap your neck with it for a chic and careless style with a
stylish blazer or a beautiful dress. While cotton scarves are more appropriate in summer,
cashmere silk scarves save you from cold chills as well as heat waves.

Check for the Size and Shape that Fits

If your scarf is long enough or of a large rectangular shape, you can create different styles to
make your look more elegant and unique. You can just drape it or use it as a long necktie and
move the knot to the side or keep it low in front. If it is a short or small scarf, it can be used as a
bandana or head scarf. Selecting a scarf with the correct size and shape highlights your face and

These are only the tips that can make your scarf shopping worthwhile if the place is ideal for
where you are buying your scarf. Lemonade’s 100% cashmere silk scarves are known for their
lavish and velvety touch. These lightweight and premium scarves are designed to hug you
warmly. Their handcrafted modal cotton scarves are nothing less. Try the Lemonade way to pick
the scarf exclusively made for you.
Happy Shopping!

Moon Saxena 

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