How to Plan a Beach Trip to Mangalore

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When choosing a beach tour, you can think of many great beach vacation packages that include hotel accommodations, bed and breakfast, and fun beach activities like biking. Beach walks are fun. But the key is to choose an idyllic, peaceful beach destination. Whether you’re traveling with a travel agent or planning your own, our tips are worth reading.

Tip 1:

Find a destination with the best sun, sand and surf. Sun, sand and surf are the main attractions that a beach destination can offer. When choosing the best beaches in the world, do a little research on the local weather, environment and culture. The best spot offers warm white sand to lie on and clear blue water to refresh your mind. Sometimes great long waves are good for surfers.

Tip 2:

Most resorts offer a good service option or restaurant from spa to party. If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, you can take a night walk around the local town to taste the local cuisine. In addition, you can find a seafood restaurant to enjoy seafood or be on the beach under the bright moon and collect colorful seashells.

Tip 3:

Look for things outside the landscape. Is the place you are planning to visit full of historical sites? Do you want to experience the culture and interact with the locals? You will be amazed by the rich heritage that cannot be forgotten.

Tip 4:

Make sure you are well prepared for your beach career in the sun. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or an umbrella to protect you from mild to severe sunburn.

Mangalore is a beautiful beach in Karnataka. It is a very clean beach and there is a beautiful light house on this beach. It is perfect for beach picnics, especially picnics. The confluence of Gorupara and Netravati rivers is located near Mangalore Beach. Mangalore Beach is highly enjoyed by tourists for its silver sand and cool Arabian sea breeze. This beach offers a unique recreational environment for tourists. This beach overlooks the sunset. It is a beautiful sight.

Apart from this pristine sand and water, Mangalore Beach has more attractions for tourists. The Yakshagana performance on the sand is a sight to behold. This program is an all night program. In such a situation, people dance to the beat of the drum.

There is also a unique event known as the Kampala or Buffalo event. Some of the local attractions include Manjunatha Temple, St. Aloysius Chapel, Jumma Masjid and Mangala Devi Temple.

Important beaches in and around Mangalore

Someshwar Beach: According to Travel blogs his beach is very pristine and has a beautiful view from the top of the hill. Another attraction of this beach is the temple and devotees often come here to offer their prayers.

Panambur Beach: It is a beautiful beach. There, people enjoy a glass of sugarcane juice, perform magic and also watch the sunset. This beach is crowded especially on weekends. It is very close to Mangalore.

Ullal Beach: It is a beautiful beach but viewed from a safe distance. The sea here is rough and currents are frequent. This beach is said to be notorious and dangerous and people should avoid even swimming here.

Suratkala Beach: The sunset here is beautiful and amazing. The beach is a bit dangerous.
There are countless tourist spots near Mangalore Beach. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by taking a day trip to the beaches of Malpe and Maravanthe. Kollur has a famous temple known as Mookambika Temple which is 140 km from Mangalore Beach. About 75 km from Mangalore Beach is the pilgrimage town of Dharmasthala, famous for the Manjunatta Temple.

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