How to position a YouTube video in Google quickly

n previous articles, “Como comprar inscritos no YouTube Reais" we saw how to make money watching videos on YouTube. 
n previous articles, “Como comprar inscritos no YouTube Reais" we saw how to make money watching videos on YouTube. 

In previous articles, “Como comprar inscritos no YouTube Reais” we saw how to make money watching videos on YouTube. 

Today we take another step. We will see how to get our videos to position themselves in Google and appear as organic search results. 

These results have a better CTR than others by better capturing users’ attention. 

To the task of optimizing the SEO of your online store or your website, now add YouTube videos. Let’s see how to get it.

SEO for YouTube videos: Tricks to position in Google

Google always reserves some positions for videos in the first-page search results, although they are not always occupied. 

So, if we do an excellent job of SEO positioning, we will be able to appear in the first positions on Google and YouTube.

10 Tips to position a YouTube video on Google

Next, we will see in detail a series of actions and recommendations that will help us position our videos both on YouTube and as Google search results. They are not many, but they require work.

Embed the video on pages with a good DA (Domain Authority).

Websites with a high domain and page authority will help us improve the positioning of our videos. 

Try to embed your video or generate links to it from web pages with a good DA. In addition, this will help you increase the number of views, another factor to consider.

Generate views organically

Forget about buying views on YouTube. SocialStar experts says in this article “Como Comprar Views no YouTube” to encourage views of your videos by sharing them on social networks, planning a YouTube Ads campaign, sending them to the subscribers of your e-mailing list, or inserting it in the best-positioned posts on your blog, as long as they are on a related topic.

If you decide to cheat and fraudulently generate views, don’t worry, YouTube will soon block your video.

Do link building

Regarding positioning a website, achieving quality links to our video is essential. Always try from pages with a similar theme or social networks.

Upload videos to your channel frequently.

It is essential that you periodically publish videos on your YouTube channel. The more videos your channel has, and the more reproductions each adds, the easier it will be for you to position them.

Post the video to “hidden” and then make it “public.”

Yes, I have not been wrong. When you upload the video, if you want to improve its positioning, make it “hidden,” When it has already added a significant number of reproductions and interactions, make it “public.” 

Do it; you’ll see how it works. YouTube will understand that your video has been very well received as soon as it is published; therefore, it will position it better than other videos.

Geolocate the video

If we specify the geolocation of our channel, we are indicating what we want to address. Therefore, it will focus on the selected country, thus improving positioning on YouTube.

Encourage subscriptions to the YouTube channel.

Subscribers are your most loyal users. Users are interested in your videos. In addition, they tend to interact more; they tend to leave more comments, like, or shares.

Therefore, to increase the number of subscribers, I recommend inserting an annotation with the option to subscribe to the channel.

Another option to increase the number of subscribers is to create a subscription pop-up when someone accesses your channel from the YouTube social icon on your website. 

This is very simple; just add “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your YouTube channel’s link. If you click here, you will see what I tell you.

Encourage interactions: likes, comments, and shares

To boost likes, shares, and comments, we must try to carry out some actions, such as closing the video with a question or raising a topic of interest where users want to know more. The more, the better.

Optimize the video: title, tags, description…

I will not dwell on this aspect as it has already been explained in detail in the article “SEO on YouTube: How to optimize a video.”

One last tip that doesn’t appear in the video!

Link the video from google pages (Google Sites, Blogger, Google Docs…), always providing additional content of great value.


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