How To Run A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign For A Muslim Website?

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Before we get into the details, it is important to know what a digital marketing campaign means; An online marketing effort dedicated to achieving a specific goal. If a successful campaign, your brand or business will have greater brand awareness, traffic, increased conversion rate, and ultimately better revenue.

Whether running a digital marketing campaign for a Muslim or non-Muslim website, the steps are the same. Yes, the difference lies in the strategies, as events are different. My friend who runs a successful digital marketing campaign told me how to run a campaign for a Muslim Website successfully.

Let’s start without wasting any time.

1.    Define The Objective

Planning is a very important phase of running a digital marketing campaign. Most people mistake starting a campaign without knowing the real objective.

Yes, running a campaign means you want to showcase your brand or business to the customers, but the difference lies in being more specific about what outcome you want.

There can be many objectives for running a digital marketing campaign for a Muslim website, like reaching out to more and more Muslims during a specific event or month, inviting people and boosting sales, improving the conversion rate, etc.

2.    Identify The Target Audience

The digital marketing campaign you are running or planning should be crystal clear in knowing which group of people you want to target—the success rate increases when you implement it correctly.

For example, Muslim Pro is a Muslim website where a Muslim can find the exact timings or prayers, know the direction of Qibla, read numerous Duas, Read the Quran with multiple translations, etc.

If you are tasked to run a digital marketing campaign for Muslim Pro, you will specifically target the group of Muslims who are fond of traveling. The idea is clear; you have to target the audience you want to reach.

To validate what you have in mind, create a survey and let the people answer the questions in that survey. It will help you clear your vision even more. You will get to know whether the perception you have in mind is right or wrong.

After you are clear about the buyer persona, you can easily find the points or portions where the customer needs help. After all, the purpose of running a campaign is to help the buyers who visit your website.

The intention to visit or buy something from a website is classified into three main categories.

·        Inner Self

To understand the customer’s way of thinking, you need to study the social norms, culture, lifestyle, and most importantly, their belief system. It will help you design a perfect digital marketing campaign.

Furthermore, knowing all about the customer will not only help you run a successful digital marketing campaign, but it will also help you in beating your competitors.

·        External Environment

The external environment is more in your hands than a Muslim customer’s internal choices. It includes color, layout, social perspective, GUI, and how easy it is to use your website.

Ensure your design selection is pinpointed according to your target audience’s choice before sending out invites or starting ads.

·        Online Experience

The Internet has changed the face of the world. More and more Muslims are changing to online systems. All Muslims use online platforms to buy, sell, find information, or talk to their Muslim friends.

3.    Make Your Campaign Useful For The Audience

The digital marketing campaign is not just about reaching out to the customers and telling them about your website. It is more about what sort of content is on your website so that more and more audiences are attracted to it.

The content on your website plays a very important role, so create useful content.

Make sure that the content on your website solves all the related queries that come into the customer’s mind. For example, if your website has praying mats, then make sure all the mats have their complete description.

Creating useful content during the campaign is an excellent way to reach out to the customers looking to find the solution to their questions. If your content helps them in answering their questions, it is more likely that your website will have more traffic.

4.    Displaying Of Ads

The ads are important in the case when you want to sell something; otherwise, reaching more people or increasing the traffic can be done without them.

Your display ads should contain the following three components.

  • Words including like, find, and grow are considered promising.
  • A call to action is very important, including words like buy, go, view, etc.
  • Keep the ad small, and to the point so the audience doesn’t lose interest.

The ad usually is displayed for 1-2 seconds so try to make your ad as demanding as possible. The color scheme and the images play a huge role in making your ad worth watching.

  • Use a solid background, so the audience sticks to the main details.
  • Effectively use images; use the image of a famous person among the audience.
  • Be consistent in your ads; you use the same color scheme and the front image, so people’s interest stays intact.

5.    The Final Face: Landing Page

Whether your website is a Muslim website or any other, your landing page should be optimized; otherwise, there is no point in running the campaign.

·        Fulfill The Expectations

You are responsible for creating a landing page for your Muslim website with all the features you mentioned in the ads. For example, if your ad says that your website has 40 different translations of the Quran and your landing page does not contain 40 translations.

The customers will lose their trust and won’t return to your website.

·        Stay To The Point

Everyone is busy with their routine and has limited time to be online and use their favorite website. Make sure your website’s landing page does not have a lot of content.

Limited content with graphic interpretation will bring more and more Muslims to your website.

·        Build The Trust

Muslim values trust more than anything, so make sure your audience trusts you. You can build trust by showing reviews on the page, links to the other websites that mentioned your name, a graph showing your popularity, etc.


Starting a digital marketing campaign for your website is not a problem; a person with some knowledge can start it. The difference lies in the success rate; to make your campaign successful, you must pay attention to all the steps mentioned above.

From planning to designing the landing page, every step is important. This is all from today’s topic. Let us know about your valuable feedback in the comments. Thank you so much for your time.

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