How to Shape up your Recruiting Game

The recruitment industry is highly competitive and highly evolving. The pandemic made it difficult for organisations to carry out the recruitment process and acquire talent. This calls for incorporating new trends and latest technology to stay abreast of the current landscape. 

Here are some tips that you need to consider to improve your recruiting game:

Adopt a data driven approach

Recruitment has been turned into more of a science, putting great responsibility on talent acquisition teams. The wrong hire could actually cost the business, so there can be no chance of any mistakes. This is why a data driven approach has been taken to maximise the accuracy of the hires. 

So how do you begin to collect the data? The data can be collected and analysed manually but with multiple data points it’s significant to rely on software development solutions. AI powered solutions are key to finding patterns that previously flew under the radar. AI will basically keep a record of your business with time improving at the job with each hire. 

When it comes to data points, there are many that can be discovered. Foraging the pool of active candidates is the right choice to make but you should also contemplate on the passive candidate pool, current employees and even old hires as important sources of data. 

Collect as much data as possible to recompense for the shortage of talent. Too much data is better than too little data. The use of AI makes it very simple to align your data, so you need not get overwhelmed by the amount of information amassed. 

Constructing a candidate persona

This concept is a hypothetical representation of your ideal candidate. It’s not only confined to experience level and skills but each and every detail ranging from personality, salary expectations, location, family, hobbies and social life need to be considered. 

Candidate personas have become increasingly accurate and reliable. The rise of data has led to the formation of personas as a statistical image. In case you can’t seem to choose between two applicants, just select the one that is closer to your persona. 

Many choices will be rationalised by a suitably built persona in the course of the talent acquisition procedure. So, if you have not yet built a candidate persona, you should start now!

Limit the hiring time

In times of talent shortage, recruitment makes its way into candidates’ market. The companies tend to compete vigorously as the pool is small, suggesting each candidate will have access to better positions than in normal circumstances. 

With more opportunities at hand, candidates are likely to spend less time seeking a job. This is because they will be able to quickly find a job that matches their needs. Thus, the competition makes it difficult for businesses to adapt. You could have great offers but if your competitor is going through the same procedure faster than you, you will only end up losing a valuable candidate. 

With the talent pool being small, you wouldn’t want to be losing prime candidates to other organisations only because of a slow procedure. This calls for keeping pace with the speed of job searches candidates make through automation.

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Steps like finding, shortlisting, screening and scheduling interviews for candidates using automated software should be taken. When everything is taken care of instantaneously via software, the recruitment team will be able to focus their energy on meaningful tasks like taking qualitative assessments and interviewing candidates. 

Personalised candidate experience

The candidates applying for the job will be different people with varying personalities. To attract these candidates calls for a more personalised experience as per the individual’s personality. In fact, this is what will set your organisation apart from the rest as it gives the impression that you care about your workforce. 

Personalization also largely depends on data. AI solutions can be used to assemble and develop data on candidates for you so that you can choose how to personalise the experience of each candidate. 

Appeal candidates to your careers page

A very proactive approach needs to be taken when hiring candidates. This calls for making use of third-party recruiters seeking candidates as well as reaching out to them. the impact of the effort will actually go there, which is why there’s much emphasis placed on proactive recruiting. 

Despite automation tools you will not be able to reach a wide audience. Certain candidates are likely to get under your radar regardless of participating vigorously in proactive recruiting. The passive attractiveness of your brand needs to be enhanced by building a careers page. 

Digital marketing of your career page will attract candidates and encourage conversions. To improve the effectiveness of your career page, you need to measure the success and keep a track of the candidate’s activity. 

Recruiting efficient candidates boosts business performance and creates a good impression of the organisation. Hence, it’s in the company’s best interest to stay current with the latest technology and tools in the recruitment industry. 

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