How to troubleshoot the Avast antivirus auto-renewal problem?

how to cancel avast auto renewal
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Avast is a security program and is available in both free and paid versions. This security software is available for Windows, Mac, and phone devices. Avast provides certain security tools and services to keep the data and network protected. After installing Avast antivirus on your device, you can run all applications without any worry. This antivirus also prevents the network from all internet threats. 

Avast provides freeware that has some basic security tools. You can install the setup directly from the Avast website and install it. All those tools are free to use. For advanced tools, Avast antivirus provides paid plans. You have to purchase the subscription to the plan and then you can run the tool until the subscription expires. After expiry, you have to renew the plan to use the tools again. Avast also provides an auto-renewal plan where your license will get renewed automatically.

This service is helpful when you don’t want your Avast plan to expire. But if you don’t need Avast plans anymore, you have to disable the Avast auto-renewal service and in the article, we got to know how to cancel avast automatic renewal.

How to cancel Avast automatic renewal from the dashboard?

If you have Avast setup installed on your device then use the Avast application to cancel the auto-renewal.

  1. Click on the Avast icon and go to the Avast dashboard
  2. Tap on Profile
  3. Click on Subscription
  4. You will be redirected to the Avast login page
  5. If the account is not logged in, enter the Avast login details 
  6. Go to the profile page and hit on Subscription
  7. You will get your Avast subscribed plan
  8. Tap the Unsubscribe button
  9. A confirmation wizard will appear

Tap on the Confirm button and provide the reason to cancel your Avast antivirus subscription. Now when you again visit the subscription page, you will see the expiry date of your Avast plan. Your Avast auto-renewal service will get disabled after canceling the subscription. 

People often wait till the last days to cancel the Avast subscription. They often think that after canceling the Avast subscription, the plan will expire immediately. No, the plan will only expire on the provided date. You can easily use Avast tools after canceling the subscription. 

How to cancel Avast auto-renewal from the Avast account?

You can cancel the Avast auto-renewal service directly from the website. You can disable the auto-renewal even if you don’t have Avast setup installed on the device.

  1. Open the Avast website on any device
  2. Click on the Login button
  3. Provide the Avast login details and go to your Avast account
  4. Open the Profile page and go to subscription
  5. Now check for the Avast plan 
  6. Tap on the Unsubscribe button 
  7. A confirmation window will appear
  8. Tap on the Yes button
  9. A question wizard will appear
  10. Select a reason to cancel your Avast subscription

Now tap on the OK button and your Avast subscription will be canceled. After canceling it, check the subscription window for the expiry date of your plan.

How to cancel Avast auto-renewal on an Android device?

Purchasing or canceling an Avast subscription on Android is different. You can’t get the Avast setup for your phone directly from the Avast website. For installing Avast programs, you can use the Play Store. You have to search for an Avast plan on the Play Store and then install it on the device. After installing the setup, you can upgrade the plan. While canceling the Avast subscription, you again have to use Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Android phone and open the Play Store
  2. Click on Google Account and ensures that you are using the same account
  3. Choose Payments & Subscriptions 
  4. Hit on the Subscriptions window
  5. Now choose the Cancel Subscription option 

Tap on the Confirm button and now follow the on-screen instructions. After confirmation, your Avast antivirus auto-renewal will be disabled. Again visit the subscriptions window on your Play Store and check the subscriptions for the Avast license expiry date.

How to cancel Avast auto-renewal on the App Store?

Avast antivirus plans are also available for iDevices. If you have an Avast plan but you want to cancel it, use the App Store.

  1. Open your iDevice and click on Apple ID
  2. Go to the App Store
  3. Choose the profile image to check the Apple ID
  4. Hit on the Subscriptions window
  5. Choose the Avast plan to cancel
  6. Hit on Cancel button

Choose the Confirm button and now the antivirus auto-renewal service will be disabled. 

Get a refund on Avast auto-renewal

If your Avast auto-renewal is enabled and the plan gets auto-renewal; you can still cancel it. But you can cancel it only within 30 days of the renewal. If you cancel the subscription within 30 days, you will get a full refund from Avast. Here are the steps to get a refund of Avast auto-renewal:

Go to the Avast antivirus website

Go to your Avast account and login

Click on Order history

Choose Request a refund option

Hit on the Request a refund button and tap on Continue

Now a subscription window will appear, hit on Continue to refund option 

Choose a reason to cancel auto-renewal

Tap on Request a refund 

Choose the Close button and now you will see the Refund in Progress button. Now you will receive your Avast refund in a few days. Your Avast plan will expire and now you can’t use any of the premium tools of Avast. However, you can still use the free Avast tools.

Can you transfer Avast licenses from one device to another?

Yes, you can transfer the Avast license. If you have an Avast license but you are not using it on your device or you need it on another device, transfer it. But you can transfer the Avast license only on the same OS. You can’t transfer your Avast license for Windows to a Mac device. If you want to use Avast antivirus on multiple devices, get an Avast multi-licensed plan.

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