How to Use a Proxy Server For Enhanced Privacy and Security?

Privacy and Security
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What if I tell you that you are threatened by content information theft, even with a proxy server? Don’t worry; I’m not here to make you insecure iof being online. Instead, I have some ways you can follow while using a proxy server for enhanced privacy and security.

Data Breach is so cliche nowadays that it’s nearly impossible to be safe with your network connection. Cybercriminals are continuously attacking websites and stealing either money or data from users.

When cybercriminals are on their way to exploiting your information, you can wisely employ static residential proxies to ditch these intruders and secure your data. Carefully read every detail I provide, so you can better do it.

How Residential Proxies Help You Be Secure Online?

To understand how residential proxies work, you must first understand an IP address. An IP address is a specific online address assigned to the same device and helps the internet track the location of that device.

Residential proxies mask your original IP address from the web and give their own. So with a residential proxy in its action, your location is available on the web. You’re all secure and safe.

What’s the Use of Static Residential Proxy?

Sometimes it could be more viable to use a continuously changing location as it ends up blocked by a website if it knows that you are using a proxy server. Here comes the static residential proxy. Let’s first understand what it is.

Static residential proxy features both data center proxies and residential proxies. So, it’s one for the price of two. You can disguise your original location as a residential proxy and stay static like a data center proxy.

A static residential proxy provides an assumed IP address of a chosen place, and you can stay on that address as long as you want. So, no more continuous rotation IPs. With a static residential proxy, you can surf safely on the web from a chosen location. It can help you feel safe and sound on the web, giving you total control over your browsing experience.

Statos residential proxies provide a less complicated and more secure connection than other dynamic IP rotation solutions, allowing users to connect without the worry of IP address changes or potential disconnections. Furthermore, users won’t need to constantly update their IP address or go through the process of authentication each time they need a connection. 

3 Steps to Use a Proxy Server to Enhance Your Online Security

Here is the step-by-step guide to using a proxy server to enhance your safety on the web. Pick up your pen, hold a piece of paper and make notes. Or, if you feel comfortable with it, add pointers to your mobile notepad.

1. Choose Suitable Residential Proxies

A proxy is available in two forms. You can choose either hardware or software. Hardware proxies act as a middleman between the network and your computer and diagnose any data breach when data is exchanged.

Software proxies are primarily free with limited addresses. You must pay a monthly fee to get more out of residential proxies. It provides more security to your device both online as well as offline.

If you are a business person, you need a paid version of residential proxies so your business can avail of premium features. Hence the choice of residential proxies matters a lot.

2. Set Up the Server

After choosing the suitable proxy server for your device or business, the next step is to set it up correctly, so there is no bug left. There are different setup methods for other proxies and devices. Hence, you need to know your device and proxy well.

Must remember that there is an option for automatic installation or setup that you can use by just entering the IP address. If you feel uncomfortable doing it all by yourself, you can reach out to some professionals.

3. Let the Proxy Server Do the Rest

Now the server is all set up, you just need to browse as much as you want. A residential proxy or server between your network and computer will protect the incoming and outgoing data.

4. Have an Elite Proxy If Need Premium Service

Elite proxies are level 1 proxies and provide high anonymity. The server can never get your IP address if you use elite proxies. Even it cannot detect whether you’re using a proxy or not.

To be highly anonymous on the web, most businesses employ elite proxies. As it gives premium-level anonymity, customer data on such websites is highly secure. It also provides a competitive advantage over other companies.

Benefits of Using Residential Proxies

  1. Residential proxies protect you from getting blocked on some websites. As governments ban some websites in a specific geographical location, you can still approach them using residential proxies.
  2. They protect you against e-mail phishing and being attacked by malware or ransomware. Static Residential proxies block such emails or texts from entering your inbox.
  3. A proxy server also enhances your browsing speed by blocking irrelevant pages and ads from loading. It stops the traffic; hence the browning speed of your device gets multiplied.
  4. A proxy server helps protect your brand identity if you’re a business. Suppose it identifies fraudulent activities and the same brands of similar names.
  5. Proxy servers provide a defense barrier against DDoS attacks and other malicious activity like spam, protecting your website from unauthorized access and fake traffic. By utilizing a proxy server, you can be sure your website is kept safe from digital intruders.
  6. Using a proxy server as a business gives you a competitive advantage.

Final Thoughts

Cybercriminals are always ready to steal your data through various online perjuries. So you need to devise a way to secure your online presence. I have shared how you can enhance your privacy with a proxy server in this article.

To conclude our discourse, I’m sharing the main points from this article.

  • A proxy server sits in your device and ensures its protection from all online threats.
  • Static residential proxies are better than residential proxies or data center proxies as they give the benefits of both.
  • While selecting a proxy server, you must keep your device’s or your business’s requirements in mind.
  • An elite proxy is a better choice when it comes to high-level anonymity.
  • Set up your proxy server according to the selected server and your device. If you need any help, contact the experts in this field.
  • A proxy server helps mask your online identity, protects you from data breaches, and avoids information theft.


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