How to Use a Text Blast Service to Grow Your Contact List

If you have an existing contact list and you would like to grow it, a text blast service could help you achieve this. Companies often use text blasts to promote new products and promotions and to update customers about recent updates and changes. Businesses can use text blasts to advertise new menus, two-for-one dining experiences, or free cinema tickets. Others use text blasts to promote sales and lettings, sending viewing confirmations and seller status updates. Public firms also use text blasts to provide urgent emergency information to customers.

While it is true that not every consumer has a smart phone, most people own a cellular phone. In fact, 75% of consumers report being happy to receive text messages from brands. Taking advantage of this fact will allow your business to reach the largest possible number of consumers. If you are not already using a text blast service to promote your products or services, consider signing up for a free trial or full-scale text blast service.

If you’ve decided to use a text blast service, you must first prepare a database of contact phone numbers. Once you have these, you should find a bulk SMS sending service that offers bulk messaging capabilities. For this, Messente is one such service. To get started, you must apply for a sender id, which is usually obtainable at sign up. This step is free and will give you the necessary credentials to manage your SMS blasts.

The rules that govern text blast activity have been put into place by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. These rules determine what constitutes inappropriate material and what must be omitted. Typically, inappropriate material includes violence, hate speech, profanity, or endorsement of illegal activity. If you violate these rules, your text blast service will be suspended or terminated. This is a risk worth considering. If you want to increase the chances of success with your SMS campaigns, consider using a web form for opt-ins.

Once you have opted-in, the next step is to create a campaign. Select your target groups and type your content. Remember to include personal details if you choose to. After that, you can preview your text message and determine its cost. Most text blast services offer several packages and are free to sign up with. You can also opt for a pay-as-you-go option if you don’t need a bulk texting service.

When choosing a text blast service, it is essential to be mindful of the frequency of messages sent. There is a fine line between being too frequent and overwhelming your subscribers. Sending too many messages could lead to high opt-out rates and even complaints. Ideally, you should only send your subscribers content they requested. Also, always provide an opt-out link in the text message. This will allow the recipient to choose to stop receiving future marketing messages, maintaining your brand identity.

Another great benefit of texting is that you can send bulk messages to a large list of people at once. This can help you reach an impressive number of potential customers in just a few seconds. The vast reach of SMS marketing channels means that you’re guaranteed to generate high response rates compared to other marketing channels. If you’ve been waiting for a new marketing strategy to reach your customers, SMS blasts could be the right move.


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