How to use uTorrent anonymously with a VPN


uTorrent is the most popular clone of BitTorrent made by developers outside of China. The same people behind the idea of BitTorrent P2P protocol are the ones handling uTorrent. There are large numbers of downloads on uTorrent every day. From movies to TV shows and dozens of other free downloads, uTorrent is a big part of the internet world.

Despite the benefits uTorrent has to offer, it is an open secret that downloading torrent files are risky. Every time users download something from a torrent with an unprotected internet connection, they expose their system to risks like malware and viruses. Also, using uTorrent via an unprotected internet makes your system vulnerable to hackers and unwanted third parties that might use your information for nefarious purposes.

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Why is it essential to use uTorrent Anonymously?

You cannot choose to ignore the fact that when you use torrent, every system and internet information is traceable by not only your internet provider but also by third parties and hackers. Since you can see all the peers in a torrent swarm, others can monitor those who share a file and make a list of their IP Addresses.

Certain websites also list the IP address of the peers who share a file on uTorrent. Anyone can visit these websites and retrieve information about the IP addresses. However, with cleverness and insight into how the internet works, you can give these websites a fake IP address! It is done by using a VPN or a proxy server while torrenting. Read on to learn how to use uTorrent anonymously with a VPN.

Torrenting Safely by using a VPN

Now that we know the importance of using uTorrent anonymously, let us move on to the ‘how’ part. This section tells you in detail how you can surf through torrents safely without the risk of disclosing your IP address to hackers and bad people on the internet.

The first thing to understand is how a VPN works. A VPN is software that masks your actual IP address with one of the addresses you choose from the list of locations. It has private servers in various countries, states, and cities that mask your real identity on the internet and encrypt your data collected by multiple websites.

Your internet service provider can monitor whatever you do online. They can even cap your download speeds or downloads. It is only possible if your IP address is not masked, and everybody with little internet knowledge will know your activities.

Using a reliable VPN helps make your internet traffic unidentifiable and untraceable. It can also help bypass geo-restrictions on specific apps and software when traveling abroad. For instance, use a Birmingham VPN to catch all the latest BBC iPlayer movies and shows when traveling outside the UK.

Step 1: Choose a reliable VPN

The first step in masking your identity when using uTorrent is choosing a reliable VPN. Get your research cap on and check the various VPN service providers for the following things necessary in a good VPN.

  • Military-grade encryption
  • P2P-optimized servers
  • Internet servers in various locations, including major ones such as the US
  • Kill switch
  • No-logs policy
  • Fast speed connections

Step 2: Have your VPN connected all the time!

It is easy to go with the flow and forget to turn on the VPN before you start surfing and downloading from the torrent. When you connect to uTorrent without a VPN, torrent clients can track your IP address and see all your activities. Thus, to be on the safe side, always make sure you are connected to a remote location’s VPN before accessing uTorrent.

Step 3: Configure your uTorrent and VPN

It is the most crucial step in protecting your safety on the internet while using uTorrent. You have to ensure that your VPN software and uTorrent are appropriately configured. It minimizes the security risks and masks your IP address without exposing it.

Follow these steps and stay safe.

  • Enable the kill switch feature – It is the top requirement for saving yourself from online threats and data breaches. A kill switch comes to your rescue if your VPN suddenly loses connection. Generally, this kill switch is turned off in the default settings, so ensure it is on and save yourself from security threats.
  • Advanced protocol – You have to go to the controls in your VPN and enable the OpenVPN protocol. It is the best protocol for uTorrent as it helps maintain speed and security.
  • AES-256 bit encryption – It is the highest level of encryption that scatters your data so that it is nearly impossible to penetrate. Thus, third parties and hackers cannot read your information or monitor your activities.
  • DNS leak protection – if you encounter a DNS leak, there is a high risk of exposing your torrenting activity to third parties. Therefore, enabling DNS leak protection can go a long way in securing your data.
  • Split tunneling – a good VPN offers split tunneling that helps you choose the apps you do not want to send data via VPN. Using a VPN on all the apps you use is unnecessary, but using uTorrent with a VPN is a must.
  • IP binding – it is another primary setting you need to configure on your VPN. IP binding enables your internet connection to approve and block IP connections from different servers worldwide. Therefore, you can connect to one IP address of your choice and block connections from all others.

Final Word

The internet is becoming unsafe with lots of scammers, hackers, and unwanted third parties looking for information about people who use uTorrent without masking their IP addresses. Using such software with a reliable VPN is best and getting an antivirus that detects any budding issues will offer greater security than ever before.

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