How to view Instagram story without logging in

If you want to keep your privacy and stay anonymous when browsing through Instagram, we got something made perfectly for you. We understand that sometimes you can get curious about other people’s lives and want to take a peek without being detected. Or maybe you are taking a break from social media and avoiding logging in to any account, but a juicy bit of news just got out and you are all ears. Totally relatable! We have all been through that situation. 

Sometimes, Instagram’s irritating requirement that you be logged in to an account in order to watch someone’s story feels so inconvenient. However, there are various ways to help you overcome that trouble. Today, I will introduce you to some online websites that provide users with the ability to view Instagram stories anonymously. They are true life-savers every time you need them!


Snapinsta is a free Instagram story viewer service. What I like most about this website is its simplicity and effectiveness. 

I would recommend this application for anyone because it is safe and easy to use, fast, and completely anonymous. You do not need an account to view other’s profiles, including posts and stories. Your personal information or date and time of your visits will not be saved. Not only that, this website also allows you to download anyone’s posts and stories to your own devices in one click. All contents downloaded will be displayed in the best quality, so screenshots or screen recording is becoming obsolete when it comes to stalking other’s Instagram accounts.

One of the advantages that Snapinsta has is by far the fastest download speed. Any formats from pictures, videos, stories will be downloaded swiftly. You can have access to the websites on any browser and operating systems, and on any devices.

Here are a brief instructions on how to use Snapinsta

Step 1: go to website

Step 2: type in the username of the profiles that you want to visit.

Step 3: Click the Search button

Wait for a few moment when the app prepares content

In your phone’s screen will appear all posts and stories in the person’s profile.

Step 4: Hit the Download button in the bottom of any posts you wish to save to your device.

A message will pop up to confirm if you want to download that picture or video. Click Download and then after it is done, a small blue arrow sign will appear in your search bar.

Step 5: The picture will appear on the Download menu of your application. I clicked the small blue arrow sign on my search bar and this menu will appear as below. Here I am using Safari on an Iphone

Step 6: Choose the picture that appears in your Downloads folder. 

Then, click the downward arrow beside the name of the picture. This menu will appear as below. All you need to do is hit the Save to Photos option.


Just like Snapinsta, SSStory is a new application that allows you to watch Insta stories without logging in or needing an account. You can trust this website as it is completely free, effective and safe to use. You also can download the content on other’s profiles in excellent quality directly to your phone, computer or tablet. Just enter the username of the person whose profile you want to visit and hit View now

However, there are certain restrictions on viewing Instagram profiles without an account. First, you can only view stories from public accounts 24 hours after they were posted. Any stories and posts in private accounts, or stories that were posted on Close Friends will not be able to be displayed. 

Although there are various websites available for this kind of service in the market with the same functionality, some of them are frequently filled with deceptive advertisements or malicious links. Please consider carefully before giving those untrustworthy websites any of your personal information. We suggest you use Snapinsta or Storiesviewer, as we already tested before. These websites only require the username of the account whose story you wish to view into the search engine of the websites. If there are not any available on the account at that moment, it will just display the account profiles with the empty “Stories” tab.

Ali Hyder

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