How To Wear A Hoodie Stylishly


At least one hoodie should be part of every man’s wardrobe. How do you combine them? Are there many ways you can wear them? The perfect combination of style and comfort is the hoodie. Street fashion is becoming more casual for men, and leisurewear is slowly but surely moving towards luxury. It is time to actively contribute to your wardrobe.

Although it can be difficult to know how to style Stussycart hoodies, knowing the right accessories to pair with them will make the item more versatile.

Keep it simple. There are many options for colors, styles and prints, all of which work in their own way. Keep the design simple if you prefer a traditional hoodie. You can pair them with any color you like, so choose a black or gray hoodie.

These are some ways you can wear this classic piece of men’s clothing.


This style can be worn at any time. Sportswear does not need to be restricted to leisure, even if you are just going to the bar for a pint. It is important to look purposeful, not as if you just got out of bed. In high-end fashion, the connection between luxury and leisurewear is more evident. Be comfortable! Be stylish!


Layering is key. The hoodie can be used to highlight a classic denim jacket. Contrast should be avoided. Contrasting tones are best to break up clothing. The pants, jacket, and hoodie should be different to avoid any loss. A navy denim jacket, slim black pants, and sneakers are all good options. This style can be worn throughout the year.

Make it look nice

The hoodie is casual; if worn as part of semi-casual or semi formal ensembles, it will instantly be lowered in dress code. It doesn’t mean it is a bad idea. For a casual, unforced look that requires little effort, layer your hoodie over a sharper jacked. A black leather jacket, Harrington, or overcoat are all options.

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