How to write a guest post in 2023

How to write a guest post in 2023
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How to write a guest post


For example, this article focuses on “guest blogging” (a very broad and competitive keyword) and “how to guest blog” (a specific search question or phrase). Ideally, you should know the subject well, so creating high-quality content for your hosting blog shouldn’t be a problem. You must be able to write well on the topic and use guest blogging to increase your presence in your niche.

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Once you publish a few guest blog posts, you can use them to introduce businesses to a larger audience. In order for your guest post to be accepted, we recommend suggesting topics to blog owners that appeal to their audience. Whether you aspire to become a regular blog post or just want a blog owner to brag about how great you are as a guest blogger, make sure you do everything you can to promote your post to your entire audience. It will be to your advantage if you actually know a guest blogger in your industry who can introduce you to the owners of the blogs where the guests have posted.

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Those who want to start guest blogging but don’t know how to get started or convert those posts into website traffic are also in luck. Use this information and start building a guest blogging program to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and drive more organic traffic to your website. Guest blogging is a very collaborative blogging strategy, and chances are you’ll be staying in touch with the site owner long after your post is published.

Writing Guest Posts

When writing guest posts, you can add a link or two to your site in the content, and you can also include a link to your site in the guest author’s bio. Depending on the site you write the blog post on, you can create backlinks from guest posts as feeds or in your bio. Your guest post bio is usually the only place you should place self-promotional links to your website, blog, product, service, book, etc.

Blogger principal

The lead blogger should place a link to your blog somewhere in the post (usually at the beginning or end). It’s also recommended (and courteous) to include an internal link, which is a link to another blog post or webpage you’re creating the post for. It is also important that guest bloggers use the same tone that the website or blog uses in their emails. You should consider and keep an eye on the types of content your blog posts regularly on your website, whether it is promotional, educational, or witty.


A quality guest post can be shared with website followers after publication, increasing your visibility. Please note that this submission is being sent to blogs where it is unclear whether they accept guest content and where the topics only partially cover what they typically write. See will make a lasting impression on the blog editor or owner and may make it easier for you to guest post on your site.

meaningful images

Add some meaningful images or videos along with your content to draw more attention from the blog owner and readers. Participate in blog promotion Share your post with your audience by posting it on social media. By creating a post for another site, you have the opportunity to reach a new audience and present your ideas, which can be a great opportunity to promote your brand and provide technical benefits to your site and content.

fresh content

This will keep your blog content fresh, helping you gain insight into your audience and hopefully attract new readers from your guest blogging community. Also, if you’re a writer looking for more “traditional” editorial opportunities, guest posting is a great first step in getting your writing featured on news sites, magazines, and other publications. Before your content can be considered for publication, you must first get it to the attention of a publisher by submitting your publication.

five steps

In the five steps below, I outline an approach that focuses on gaining a deep understanding of the company you’re writing for, identifying the target audience for your content, and how to post on your blog that clearly articulates the value of the article. . . In this agency-focused blog post, the author includes a great presentation, making it a unique piece of content with some useful facts. If you’re here to find the exact formula you can use to write the perfect guest post and get featured on authority sites fast, we have bad news for you. If you need help writing an authoritative article, or would like an expert opinion from Express Writers’ expert editorial team before submitting this post as a guest, please contact us.

Social media

In this social media guest post, the author did more than just write a regular blog post asking to be posted on the Vendastas blog. This email snippet is ideal for regular bloggers and won’t stand out in the blog feed. If the blog is written with light humor, don’t jump into the conversation with heavy academic writing.


When you contact the site owner, write down what preparation work they have done and how useful their article is. If you’re already launching a website and you’re writing your first post for that existing website, make sure the article matches the look and feel of the website.

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