HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Printers – Coloured Or Black Ink Is Not Printing

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Although the printer is still working, the printed output lacks black ink or color ink. The printed page is also blank or very sparsely inked.

Low ink levels shouldn’t have an impact on print quality. When ink levels drop below a certain level, your printer will display a warning message. The printer may still be able to print a small amount in backup mode at low ink levels. Blacks may not be as dark or the printouts may be in greyscale (shades without colour). If backup mode printing is not acceptable, replace any low-ink cartridges.

Step 1: Use Genuine Hp Ink Cartridges

HP recommends you only use genuine HP ink and toner. HP cannot guarantee the reliability or quality of non-HP cartridges or refilled cartridges. The steps described in this document may not be applicable if you are not using genuine HP OfficeJet pro 7740 cartridges. You can check the authenticity of your cartridges by visiting the HP anti-counterfeit webpage in English.

You can purchase replacement cartridges or other supplies at the HP Shop, as well as local retailers.

Step 2 – Check The Estimated Ink Levels

Verify the ink levels. Your printer will print in grey scale or composite black if an ink cartridge runs out. The printer prints a grey scale using black ink if a colour cartridge is empty. The printer prints composite black using colour-ink if the black cartridge is empty. Composite black may not be as dark as regular printouts.

To open the Dashboard, swipe down from the top of the screen and touch the Ink Level indicator icon.

The control panel shows estimated ink levels. The column’s colour represents the amount of ink remaining in that particular colour’s cartridge.



Step 3: Refill Any Empty Or Low Ink Cartridges

You can then print again by replacing any empty or low-quality ink cartridges.

  1. Turn on your printer
  2. The ink cartridge access door can be opened.
  3. Figure: Open the access door to the ink cartridge
  4. Before you move on, wait until the carriage is quiet and inactive.
  5. To release the ink cartridge, push down on its front and pull it towards you.
  6. Figure: Removing an ink cartridge from its place
  7. Take the cartridge of ink replacement from the package.
  8. Place the ink cartridge in its slot and push it forward until it snaps into position.

Figure: Inputting The Ink Cartridge Into Its Slot

  1. These steps can be repeated to install additional ink cartridges.
  2. Check to make sure that no ink cartridge sticks out more than the rest. Push the ink cartridge until it snaps into its place if it is sticking out.
  3. Close the access door to ink cartridges.
  4. Figure. Closing the ink cartridge access doors.

Step 4 – Clean The Print Head

You might have to clean the print head several times in order to restore quality. Clean the print head with an automated tool using the printer control panel.

  1.  Touch Printer Maintenance by touching the screen.
  2. Touch Clean Print Head, then touch continues.

Step 5 – Order A Replacement Head

If none of the above steps has resolved the problem, you can replace the print head.

You might have a defective cartridge, print head or ink jet printer. Go to Printer & Page Yield Overview to check the warranty on ink and toner supplies. Next, review the limited warranty information about your supplies.

  1. Go to HP Parts Store and, if asked, select your country/region or language combination.
  2. Type M0H91A in the Find your part search box and press Enter.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to order the print head assembly.

Step 6 – Service The Printer

If the problem persists, service or replaces your HP OfficeJet pro 7740.

To schedule product replacement or repair, visit Contact HP Customer Service If you’re in Australia, you’ll be directed to a local service centre in your region.

To verify your warranty status, visit HP Product Warranty Check. For products that are not covered by the warranty, repair fees may apply.

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