Why Is The HP ENVY Printing Blank Pages?

The HP Envy printer is working perfectly fine but the problem is black or colour ink is missing on the printed output. The printout that you received from your HP Envy printer would be blank or might have very little ink. However, HP printer Printing Blank Pages is a common problem that mostly users genuinely experience and even get frustrated with. Frustration is obvious in that circumstance as a person is actually expecting top-quality printouts but he/she receives completely blank pages. Being a novice, getting rid of this problem can be a challenging job for you. So, the blog contains various fixing tricks and techniques, only after implementing them you can solve this problematic issue. Continue to read!

HP Printer printing blank pages

Relevant Causes That Trigger HP ENVY Printing Blank Pages

There are a number of major factors that are responsible for the HP Printer Printing Blank Pages. Check them out:

  1. HP Envy printer most probably ran out of ink.
  2. A clogged print head sometimes is also the one possible reason that triggers the printer to print blank pages.
  3. If using the wrong, unauthentic, or incompatible ink cartridge, then also you have issues with the print quality.
  4. When the HP Envy Printer driver is incorrectly installed or might get damaged.
  5. Low/insufficient ink levels present in the HP Envy Printer can also result in the same problem.

Perfect Solutions For The Most Annoying HP ENVY Printing Blank Pages Issue

After seeing the causes of the HP ENVY Printing Blank Pages problem, troubleshooting would be easy and straightforward. The top-most fixes are listed beneath. Only you are required is to perform the course of action properly to get your HP Envy printer to be printed in less time with high quality. Thus, let’s start following the steps provided for easy & smooth fixes to get it resolved.

Solution 1: Make Sure You Use Genuine HP Envy Cartridges

HP always recommends that, use original and authentic HP ink cartridges for a quality printing solution. Howsoever, genuine ink cartridges cause no damage to the device and eventually reduce the possibility of printing issues. Therefore, in case, your, HP Printer Prints Blank Pages, immediately check the ink cartridges and make sure the original one is installed.

Solution 2: Check The Ink Levels

The level of ink installed in your HP Envy printer should be up to the mark and enough sufficient. Otherwise, it can lead you to experience the printer printing blank pages. Follow the below-given steps to check the ink levels of your HP Envy printer:

  1. First, load the plain white A-4-sized paper in the “Paper tray”
  2. Now, click the button just next to the setup icon in the “Control panel”
  3. Then, go to the “Tools” menu and hit the “OK” button.
  4. Afterward, choose the “Estimated Ink Levels” tab.
  5. Finally, click “OK” to view the exact estimated ink.
  6. After analysing the ink levels, if it is literally low or out of stock, you will need new ink cartridges to be installed.

Solution 3: Clean The Print Head

If the print head is clogged, then also you can have an HP ANVY Printing Blank Pages issue. So, in that situation, you need to clean the print head by following the below-noted instructions. Let’s do it:

  1. Insert a plain colour less paper in the “Input tray”.
  2. On the HP Envy printer’s “Control panel”, tap the “–” button.
  3. Now, press the “Right arrow” button.
  4. Then, click on the “Tools” menu.
  5. Press the “OK” button.
  6. Then, press the “Right arrow” button and select the “Clean Print head” option.
  7. Your HP Envy printer will take a couple of minutes to perform the cleaning process. Once done, you will be notified.

24×7 HP Envy Printer Support For Quick Assistance

It’s clearly said above that the faulty driver, blocked nozzles, incorrect installation of the cartridges, and other related issues are responsible for HP Printer Prints Blank PagesSo, on that basis, a troubleshooting guide is proffered to ease you in terms of fixing this problem. Hopefully! The aforementioned solutions are highly impactful and immensely fruitful.

For more detail and one-stop fixes, feel free to contact the HP Envy Printer Support team. They are proficient enough to annihilate any printer-related issues in just the blink of an eye.

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