How to Use Tumblr for SEO and Social Media Marketing

How to Use Tumblr for SEO and Social Media Marketing

The Testing of Content Tumblr

This makes Tumblr an ideal platform to publish a large amount of content and see what pieces are performing the most effectively. (Click here) You can then select the most popular posts and post them to other social media accounts like Facebook. All the content you post on Tumblr will have a possibility of being found later due to its use of hashtags.


4.) Microsites

Tumblr is one of the most well-known microblogging platforms on the planet. This makes it the perfect platform for setting up igtok. It’s not as flexible. Level of flexibility you’d get with a Self-hosted WordPress blog, but Tumblrogs are easy to create, manage, and cost nothing. If you’d like to switch from the subdomain and instead use your domain, It’s simple to change to a domain that you own within Tumblr settings.

Utilizing Tumblr for microsites is a fantastic way to develop an array of websites with a good PageRank that you can later connect to your main website. If you consistently post good standard content on your site, increasing these tumblelogs PR2 or PR4 in several months is simple.

Microsites are also an excellent option for a very serious, and you don’t need to make it a part of memes and other snarky popular material on Tumblr.

5) Branding

BrandingLast, and certainly not last, Tumblr is another tool that can help you promote your brand’s image online. Alongside the other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr provides another chance to build your online presence. It’s another way to interact with your customers, establish relationships with potential customers, and get your brand known, mainly targeting the younger crowd. Like the marketer on the internet, Pat Flynn always says the most effective strategy for marketing online is to be Everywhere.


Ideas for content ideas for Tumblr

You should be convinced of the fantastic opportunity Tumblr can provide for linking and content marketing, and branding. You might have already created your own Tumblr. Good work. What kind of content works well on Tumblr?

Tumblr, like many other social networks, is a visual medium. It’s a fact that engaging pictures and images will work much better on Tumblr than text in lengthy forms. If you’re already running successful social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook or Google+, reusing the same content you’re sharing is a great strategy.

If you’re looking for specific examples of content you can put on Tumblr, Here are four kinds of content that I’ve observed perform exceptionally well on Tumblr:

1.) Memes

SEO Ryan Gosling

Memes are my preferred type of content that I can advertise on social media. Memes are the perfect content to share and consume via social media platforms and are viral per definition. You can achieve a lot of success by curating humorous memes relevant to your expertise on the internet; however, the most potential is in making your own. If you’re interested in trying your hand at creating memes that have significant viral potential, take a look at this article I created for Moz. Moz blog.

2) Photos/illustrations

Like Pinterest and Facebook, captivating images are among the most popular types of content available on Tumblr. This is particularly true because the site has a large user base of teens who have focus spans more minor than most Twitter users.

Making great pictures isn’t an easy task, but it’s possible to accomplish if you’ve got access to a DSLR. Even if your camera isn’t top-quality, apps like Instagram can transform your everyday photographs and give them an antique look appealing to teens and the hipster crowd.

Moz Rogerbot

Illustrations and drawings also perform exceptionally well on Tumblr. If you have an internal graphic design team, you should use the power. Even if you’re not a graphic talent, you can visit sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and DeviantArt to have custom art made for you that’s unique to your field of expertise.

If that doesn’t work, it is possible to combine other people’s pictures or artwork and then see the results, but be aware of copyright issues and make sure you give credit to the extent that credit is due.

3) Quotes

Quotes are a surprisingly simple kind of content that not many marketers use. Quotes are fantastic because they’re easy to make regardless of whether you possess any graphic skills. Take a motivational quote and place it on an attractive photo (or perhaps a simple background). You’ll have something that could go viral, not only on Tumblr and other websites but also on others such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. It’s a breeze.

Matt Cutts Quote

4.) GIFs with animated animation

Like Google+, Tumblr allows users to embed animated GIFs in their posts. These are very popular among Tumblr users.

The art of making animated GIFs is beyond my capabilities. It’s easy to make animated GIFs, add a creative caption, and upload them to your Tumblr. Instant backlinks, guaranteed.

When a client questions me why their rankings change every day, I’m like…

I don’t know

For a beautiful illustration of this, visit the Tumblr account This Advertising Life. It’s a hilarious website and boasts an impressive PageRank of five. You can find great animated GIFs to download by using Tumblr for tags like “animated GIF” or simply “GIF.” There are other websites like ForGIFS that contain only humorous animated GIFs.


Tumblr is among the most popular social blogging and media platforms around the globe; however, it is frequently neglected by online marketers. I hope this article has shown you why you should consider adding Tumblr to your online marketing arsenal and given you concrete ideas for content that you can apply to make your business successful on Tumblr.

I’ve built numerous Tumblr blogs in the last few years. Apply these ideas for content and publish regularly. It will be possible to grow a considerable number of followers on Tumblr, build solid backlinks to your websites,

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