Impact of Latest Technologies on Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development
Impact of Latest Technologies on Custom Software Development

Custom software development has tremendously increased in the last decade due to multiple reasons. However, primarily open-source software and the advent of custom software development companies helped businesses integrate bespoke software solutions. 

Role of Open Source Software:

  • There was a time when every software product came with a licensing cost. Using these solutions and developing another product increased the company’s overall operational and developing costs. This reason indirectly impacted the price of the new software product. Many open-source programmers collaborated and created products announced free for anyone to use to prevent this. 
  • The resultant software also comes with a licence, but even giant companies and other software developers could use it without paying the programmers. There is a lot of open-source software available, and many programmers contribute to this collaborative work. The usage of such products has undoubtedly increased the accessibility of custom software development.

Usage of Immersive Technology:

  • Earlier, only the military field used immersive technology such as augmented and virtual reality. Nowadays, even for gaming purposes, these technologies are used. Credits again go to the open-source network. 
  • Custom software can also be built using these technologies, which aids the user in reducing the burden of their manual work. Products like food delivery apps, gaming units, and taxi booking apps use such technologies in their applications. Virtual reality is also used in simulation to train the users across multiple areas.

Have Everything on the Cloud:

  • For a startup and small businesses, procuring the proper infra for their project is a mammoth task. Earlier, on-premises infra was the only option to go with, and setting up and maintaining the on-prem servers was tedious.
  • Nowadays, everything is available in the cloud, which means the infra can be purchased to operate from the cloud, and the applications can also be run from the cloud. With cloud computing available with a click of a button, custom software can get designed by anyone across the globe.

Implement Artificial Intelligence:

  • Nowadays, people can easily neglect the need to hire a resource to do a redundant task with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) or robotic process automation (RPA). 
  • Programmers can build and train bots, taking care of a few tasks without any human intervention. Days are not far away when bots will take care of everything, but not to worry, the resources required to develop these bots will always be there.

New Programming Languages:

  • New programming languages get invented day by day, which further reduces the burden of custom software development and makes it accessible. 
  • What’s not there in one language is made available in another, and programmers have the liberty to choose one and implement their solution using new technology.


To conclude, technology is enhancing day by day, and the world is moving at an enormous speed. Today, what was new will be old tomorrow, as inventions have improved each day. 
Modern technologies and custom software development company have continuously helped small businesses access bespoke solutions that uniquely solve their problems. 

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