Importance of solving previous year question papers

UPSC is an important exam and the reputed exam of the country. Candidates who are appearing for the exam should prepare dedicatedly. If you want to know the exam pattern and the important questions which repeat every year then you should go through the previous year question papers. Everyone wants to get good marks in the UPSC exam. But it is not possible without making proper strategy. Previous year question papers help candidates to score well in examinations.

Candidates who want to achieve their goal, should work hard and practice through previous year question papers. Solving the previous year question paper will give you a clear idea about the pattern of questions asked. You can find out which areas are important by solving previous year question papers. In this article, we will discuss the importance of solving previous years question papers for UPSC examination.

#1. Reliable source

Previous year question papers are a reliable source for practicing. You can get an idea about the pattern of the exam by solving previous year question papers. As the syllabus of the UPSC exam is vast and it needs practice. Solving previous year question papers is an important part of the UPSC exam.

#2. Understanding the exam pattern

Candidates who appear for the UPSC exam are not fully aware of the exam pattern and UPSC Syllabus. Without having full knowledge about the UPSC exam pattern, candidates cannot secure good marks. This helps candidates to understand the exam pattern. Understanding the exam pattern makes the process easy for the candidates.

It is one of the keys to cracking the exam. Information about syllabus and topics can be gathered by solving  the previous year’s question paper. Information about marking of questions can also be gathered by previous year question papers. 

#3. Repeated topics

Some topics are having significant importance in UPSC syllabus. Such topics are very frequent to ask every year. A topic can consist of many questions. And there are high chances for repetition of topics in exams year by year. Most of the questions from such topics are repetitive in nature. So you must consider such topics on priority.   

#4. Practice

Practice makes perfect. It means the more you practice something, the better you will get at it. This thumb rule also applies here to solve the previous year’s question papers. 

By solving a problem repeatedly, an aspirant will get familiar with the concept and formulas by which the problem to be solved. This enables you to easily solve the same or similar kinds of problems.

#5. Revision

Preparation is useless without revision. You must be careful with the allotment of sufficient time slots dedicated for revision while preparing your timetable. Otherwise, at the time of examination, everything will be messed up. There will be chances to forget what you studied at an early stage of preparation for UPSC. That’s why it is very important to keep in mind revision time.  During revision, you must solve the previous question papers. 

#6. Preparation strategy

Every individual has a different level of knowledge, skills and expertise. Preparation with previous year question papers is very useful. You need to collect as max as the previous year’s question papers. By analyzing these previous year’s question papers you can understand the pattern, type, duration to solve etc attributes. Such attributes help you to set your preparation strategy. So it is beneficial to analyze the previous year question papers. 

#7. Self-assessment

Analyzing previous year question papers is one of the best techniques for self-assessment. Self-assessment is a very important part of the preparation for the UPSC Coaching in Delhi.  This process of self-assessment is required to know the status of your preparation.  This reflects your strong and weaker points of the syllabus. By doing so you can focus more on your weaker areas. 

#8. Increase confidence

By solving previous year question papers you feel more confident with your preparation. Many untouched features of paper you will cover by solving previous year question papers. This process helps you to develop a belief system that you can crack the UPSC paper within required parameters. This confidence level can be achieved by a well-acknowledged exam. More you practice previous year question papers, the more confidence you gain.  

#9. Time management

By practicing to solve the previous year question papers the main and unique advantage you will get is your time management during the exam. UPSC exam paper designed by specialists so that UPSC can evaluate your ability to tackle problems within a given time frame. All the questions and parts of papers are designed in the manner that you can clear the paper only if you are very good in time management. Such desired time management skills can only be developed by practicing the previous years question papers. So practicing the previous year question papers is the best technique to learn and develop time management skills.

The above descriptive features are the main benefits to solve the previous year question papers. Although preparation of UPSC exam consists of many steps and among them, solving the previous year question papers is a very important part of it.

Suraj Dabla

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