Importance of Subtitle Translation for Video Production

In case you are producing video content on a day today basis, you have likely wrestled with the thought of adding subtitles, mainly if you are targeting international audiences. However, translating footage is not really the only reason why you must consider video subtitling services.

Remember, maybe you have a business and you are expanding it beyond boundaries. You need to ensure that you attract more audience. You may be adding up videos about your products and successful journey and more. But what if a piece of population cannot access your videos? Here subtitles translation comes to picture. Once you have the proper subtitles type of translation of your videos, you can be sure that you make more sense to a wider audience. If you are not sure why should you invest in the subtitle type of translation efforts and services then here are some points for you to explore:

Make your content absolutely accessible to deaf & hard-of-hearing people 

The most clear and important reason to subtitle video content is to simply make it much more accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. However, it is absolutely critical to understand the difference between subtitles and even closed captions (CC) in this case:

  • Subtitles: offer text for spoken dialogue and, even in the case of translated subtitles, proper visible text.
  • Closed captions: these are something that offer text for dialogue and even contextual descriptions of relevant audio – like . Sound effects, music, and more.

Subtitles are commonly get used for translating dialogue while talking about the closed captions, these are more effective for deaf and even hard-of-hearing audiences . These instances where people decide to watch your video with the sound simply turned off.

Not everyone is a fan of videos and audios 

There are often many conditions where people may prefer to simply watch your business video content without the audio. This is growingly common in the mobile age where people are simply scrolling quickly through social media feeds. There are also instances where many individuals may not feel comfortable watching business videos with audio, for example when in a public setup or setting with the volume turned up.

By subtitling your business videos properly , your content turns out to be straightaway accessible to those people who wish to watch in silence – no matter they are on the bus traveling back home after work or they have simply finally got the child to sleep at home.

Enhanced comprehension

There is a great sum of proper research showing that watching video content having subtitles improves the viewer’s comprehension ability. As described in the nonconcrete for a study titled Video Captions advantage Everyone:

Video captions, even known as same-language subtitles, advantage everyone who simply watches videos (children, college students, adolescents, and adults). You know, if you hear the researches, more than 100 studies document that captioning a video enhances the overall understanding and comprehension of, attention to, and memory for the overall video. Captions are specifically beneficial for persons watching videos in their non-native language, for kids and adults learning to read, even and for persons who are simply D/deaf or simply hard of hearing.


To sum up , you can check out subtitle translation services and ensure that you make the most of your video content.

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