Important questions about open face helmets

Important questions about open face helmets
Important questions about open face helmets

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet published a specific open face helmet test but in its issue 04/2004 a motorcycle helmet test, in which open face helmets were also examined. scooter for 6 year old in the open face helmet category, the “Nolan N41 Classic Plus” was named the open face helmet test winner with an overall score of 2.0.

How do I clean an open face helmet?

Open face helmets can be freed from road dust and insects in a similar way to other motorcycle helmets:

  • Outer shell: Wipe the outside of the helmet with heavily diluted soapy water and a soft cloth. Allow the helmet to dry, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Visor: Again, mild soapy water and a soft cloth are the means of choice. Do not use glass cleaners; these can cause damage to the coating.
  • Inner lining: If the food can be removed, wash it by hand with shampoo or mild detergent and then rinse it well. If the inner pads are firmly glued, use soapy water and a sponge soaked in it to clean the padding.

Can I also use an open face helmet for equestrian sports?

This is possible, but not recommended. A riding helmet has a narrower cut and is better ventilated than an open face helmet.

In addition, other forces act on a riding helmet in the event of a fall or a kick from a horse. Therefore, this type of helmet is specially designed for such loads.

In addition, the closures of the straps are usually smaller and lighter and above the forehead, there is a short canopy that protects the eyes from direct sunlight.

A lining is also not available with a riding helmet; the interior is more like a bicycle helmet.

In which special size can you buy the Hero motorcycle helmet?

You have the possibility to purchase this helmet in size M. The helmet is intended for riding a motorcycle.

In which size variants are the Origine helmets Sprint Rebel Star Open Face helmets available?

You have the possibility to purchase these helmets in sizes from XS to XL.

Is the visor of the helmet removable?

Yes, the visor of the Moto Helmets H44 helmet is easily removable and can be easily changed if necessary.

What is the safety certification of the WESTT Jet motorcycle helmet?

The motorcycle helmet has the ECE R22.05 certification and is therefore permitted on all European roads.

How does the helmet turn out?

The Vinz Laghi motorcycle helmet is small according to the manufacturer. For this reason, in case of doubt, a number larger should always be dialed.

Is it possible to use the Bogotto open face helmet on warm days?

Since the V586 open face helmet has a ventilation system and a sun visor, it can be used well on warm days.

Does the LANXI YEMA helmet have a ventilation opening and is the inner lining removable?

The LANXI YEMA open face helmet YM-627MBL-2 helmet has a ventilation system with adjustable inlet and outlet openings to create constant air circulation for a comfortable driving experience with clear vision and cool head. best electric skakeboards when you buy this helmet, you will benefit from easy adjustability of the visor, sun visor and ventilation system even with gloves. In addition, this helmet has a comfortable inner padding that is fully removable and washable to keep the helmet clean.

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