Improve Your Clicks Per Second Rate With Drag Clicking Technique

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What is Drag Click Test?

An online tool called Drag Click Test is available. You may test and improve your drag-clicking speed in terms of CPS using this programme. Friction is a method to click at more than 25 CPS speeds.

This method is helpful in clicking, shooting, and PvP games as well as in Minecraft. With the benefit of quick clicking, you can kill more foes, do speed bridging, and more.

Drag clicking is a very easy technique to learn to increase your CPS. Follow these steps to learn it.

  • In order to use this technique, position your hands. Keep the dominant hand’s grip on the mouse’s body. Use your thumb to grasp the mouse’s lateral side, and your ring and little fingers to grasp the other side. Hold the mouse click with your index finger.
  • Next, click while moving the mouse’s index finger up from the bottom. Keep the mouse steady while performing this.
  • Friction caused by moving the finger over the mouse click causes multiple clicks to occur within a second.
  • Utilize the drag and click test frequently to practise this technique.

How may drag clicking increase your CPS rate?

The drag clicking method uses multiple simultaneous clicks because of the sliding friction. The switch is repeatedly pressed when you move your fingertips across the mouse click. The drag clicking technique works in this way. Practice daily on cps test to increase your cps rate.

To use this clicking strategy to raise your CPS, you must consistently practise. Use the drag-and-click test to determine your position.

Strive every day, compete with yourself, make improvements, address your areas of weakness. Additionally, you can invite your friends to compete with you by sharing your drag-and-click test results with them. You’ll be inspired to raise your CPS as a result.

How may the shortcomings of drag clicking be overcome?

Drag clicking has several disadvantages, just like a coin has two sides. But the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. But we’ll talk about them and how to fix them.

The technique’s major flaw is that it shortens the mouse’s useful life. It shortens the lifespan of the mouse and damages the mouse switches. Use a gaming mouse designed for drag clicking to combat this.

Second, some Minecraft servers regard the method as an unfair gaming strategy and prohibit the players who use it. Use servers other than Mineplex, Hypixel, SaicoPVP, etc. to avoid this.


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