In Three Simple Steps, You May Apply For a Credit Card in India Online

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People, in general, have certain needs and wants to lead a comfortable life, but it is not always that those needs and wants are realized. Certain financial requirements become essential for you, such as housing, food, electricity, fuel, insurance, etc. You might find it difficult to warrant those expenses without a sizeable salary. With a credit card, you can spend more than what you have, and be rest assured that you can pay for the spending later.

Statistically, in the financial year 2021, there were almost 62 million credit cards issued and in use in India. While credit card usage in India was low earlier, it has been on a significant rise in recent years, and India is currently ranked 11th in the list of countries with the maximum credit card users. Almost 80 financial institutions, including private and public banks, NBFCs, and smaller cooperative banks, operate in the credit card industry in India.

Today credit cards have become an essential requirement considering the benefits availed by their use. If you are smart and intelligent in using your credit card, you can earn rewards, cash back, and discounts by using your credit card(s) wisely.

Below are three simple steps for you if you are wondering how to apply for a credit card in India.

Choose a suitable credit card – Various banks and financial institutions offer numerous credit cards. There are features and benefits unique to each card, and the suitability also varies for each individual. There are premium cards to enhance your lifestyle, travel cards to obtain travel privileges, rewards cards for earning a cashback or points on purchases, and more. You have to compare all the available options with their fee and charges and then choose one that suits your requirements and lifestyle. 

Bajaj Finserv offers a wide range of credit cards to suit different needs. Once you have found a suitable credit card for your needs, you have to proceed to the next step to check your eligibility for applying for the card.

Check your eligibility – To apply for credit card in India with any card issuing institution, you have to meet the eligibility criteria for the card that you are applying for. There are certain standard requirements such as:

  1. The applicant should be at least 18 years of age
  2. The applicant should have a minimum fixed monthly income by way of employment or business income
  3. The applicant should have a minimum credit score as determined by a credit rating agency such as CIBIL

Other requirements may vary for each financial institution, such as:

  1. Certain banks require the applicant to be a salaried employee
  2. The applicant has to furnish their income and tax statements while applying
  3. The applicant should be working for a minimum number of months with their present employer before applying for the card

Apply for the Card – Once you have chosen a suitable card and checked your eligibility, you can apply for the card by filling out the application form. While earlier it was done on a paper-based form, today, most institutions have online forms on their banking apps or portals. You will have to mention your personal details in the application, such as name, contact numbers, email, and address. You might also be asked to upload your ITR and other income documents as the bank or financial institution require. Once you have submitted your application form, the bank will evaluate it and get in touch with you to complete the application process.

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Final Thoughts

If you are wondering how to apply for a credit card in India, it is a simple process that requires your due diligence and efforts. Financial institutions are making the application process for credit cards easier and simpler for their customers to promote the penetration of credit cards into our lives as they provide a certain level of financial comfort. Bajaj Finserv offers the easiest processing of credit cards in India.

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