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Communication between offices

Large companies employ a large workforce, which can quickly disrupt the internal network. This makes it a little harder to find a particular file. Any business can have problems communicating effectively in the office. Optimizing every aspect of your enterprise infrastructure, regardless of size, is still important, and an Corporate Intranet Portal is ideal for that.

So what is an corporate intranet portal? Think of it as a central place for all employees to exchange ideas, documents, and other collaborative information. Intranet keeps your business running at full capacity by providing your team with a common way to get all the information they need to get the job done right. In short, the employee intranet solution is a tool for improving communication, productivity and collaboration in an office environment.

Which features are essential?

Make the most of your employee intranet solution solution.

There are many employee intranet solution available, but you should consider your business needs before adopting them. The ideal Employee Intranet Solution should be a solution that provides collaboration tools that optimize the way teams communicate and enable teams to work together both internally and externally. Here’s an example of what a good intranet solution offers:

    Instant messaging and email capabilities.

    File sharing.

    Employee directory.

Instant messaging and email capabilities

Communicate with the click of a button.

By integrating instant messaging into your corporate intranet portal, your team has instant access to everyone you need to contact. This saves time when you only need quick answers to your questions, but it’s not ideal for long conversations with your entire employee. That’s where email solutions come in handy. You can send large numbers of emails to your employees through company announcements and stay in touch with contacts from other companies through professional media.

Document sharing and editing

Collaboration between multiple platforms.

Needless to say, teams need quick and efficient access to company files in order to successfully perform their day-to-day operations. Therefore, corporate intranet portal should make document sharing and collaboration one of their top priorities. Ideally, users should be able to edit and discuss documents through an intranet solution. This increases staff flexibility. If your organization is looking for this kind of solution, a cloud-based intranet is a good choice.

Dedicated employee schedule and directory

Schedule and manage your employees.

One of the benefits that an employee intranet solution brings to your business is that it makes it easier to manage your resources and assets. A good intranet solution should help you understand who (and what) is available when. Scheduling tasks is much easier if you know who has the time. It also simplifies operations by allowing teams to do the most work on weekdays.

Global Tech Solutions intranet solutions offer such powerful integration through an easy-to-use interface. If you want to take advantage of your employees’ intranets, our managed IT solutions can help simplify your business. “

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