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Water is a powerful image for the Indian people. The country’s rich and varied culture is supported by the many rivers and waterways which flow through it. The Ganges, Yamuna and Indus are revered holy rivers that have been worshipped by Hindus for thousands of years; while the Godavari flows from its source high in the Himalayas before meandering southwards towards Kerala.

Sailing India’s West Coast

Sailing on the West Coast is a great way to explore India cruises. It’s extremely safe, with no risk of getting lost or injured in waters near land. The best part? You can see some of the most beautiful parts of India while you’re there!

The first thing you should do when planning your sailing trip is check which direction your boat will sail—east or west. If you’re going east (recommended), then leave at least one day before your cruise so that it doesn’t get too crowded during peak times; otherwise, try leaving right after sunrise.

Once on board, everyone should sit together in one area so they don’t have to move around much during their time at sea (which could be hours). You’ll also want some snacks handy; we recommend bringing something small like fruit or nuts since food isn’t provided onboard and sometimes not even available ashore either!


It’s famous for its beaches, churches and temples, which are all beautiful to visit. Cruises in Goa are also popular among the tourists, especially for Europeans who come here to relax or party.

The most famous beach in Goa is Benaulim Beach which has white sand along with blue water and crystal clear waters that makes it look like it was made by God himself! The best time to visit this beach would be during summer when there are more people around because then you can find more things to do there such as swimming in the ocean or diving into one of those beautiful pools they have set up near some beaches like Benaulim Beach too!


Kerala is famous for its backwaters, which are man made canals that serve as a waterway connecting rivers and lakes. These backwaters have given rise to unique villages and towns along their banks, including Kollam and Alleppey.

Kerala’s beaches are also beautiful—and they come in all shapes and sizes! There are long white-sand stretches along the Arabian Sea that attract sunbathers from all over India; there are rocky shores with clear waters perfect for diving into; even inland lakes offer great swimming areas with views of cascading waterfalls nearby. You can get an amazing view of these sights while cruising through on one of our India cruises!

Lighthouses of the Arabian Sea

Lighthouses of the Arabian Sea are a must visit. Located on the southern tip of India, these lighthouses have been a part of our history for centuries. With their tall towers, they look like sentinels guarding over the waters. They also serve as great places to relax and have picnics! If you’re looking for an activity that will keep your kids busy all day long, then this is it. If you want to go swimming or need some fresh air after visiting one of these beautiful structures.


Lakshadweep, a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, is home to some of India’s most beautiful beaches and the best diving spots. The main island is Kavaratti and it has an area of approximately 1,500 square kilometres. The forests here are also home to exotic animals such as leopards, tigers and elephants!

Sailing on India’s East Coast

The east coast of India is less explored than the west, with fewer cruise ships and tourists. This means you’ll have the chance to see pristine beaches and islands that are still unexplored. You can also expect a lot of wildlife on this side of India: dolphins, whales and turtles are just some of the creatures you might spot in your travels along this coastline!

If you’re looking for culture as well as nature then this might be where you want to go; there are plenty of interesting towns along this stretch which house museums full of artefacts from ancient civilizations like Mysore or Hampi (or even more modern ones like Goa).

Singapore – where east meets west

Singapore is an interesting melting pot of cultures, where East meets West. The city is a great place to visit and shop, eat and go out at night. 

Singapore is a great place to visit because it has so much to see and do! There’s plenty of shopping opportunities as well as some amazing restaurants that cater towards tourists. If you want something more traditional then head down towards Chinatown or Little India – both areas have plenty of street food vendors selling cheap eats like roti prata (roti bread) or chicken rice stalls with all sorts of yummy curries on offer too!

If you’re looking for culture then I’d suggest heading over to Little India – this district has been home since the 1700s when traders came from around India after trading spices with China from there which made them rich enough not just live off farming but also trade goods between themselves too! You’ll find lots about Hinduism here too so make sure not forget about visiting temples such as Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple which dates back centuries ago when Hindus first started migrating into Singapore through South East Asia

Rangoon (Burma) – paradise awaits you

If you’re looking for a city that has a rich history, Rangoon (Burma) is the place to go. This former capital of Burma has quite a lot to offer, from beautiful architecture and greenery to culture—and even some delicious food!

Rangoon was once known as Yangon before it became an independent nation in 1948. The city has many different types of architecture that can be seen throughout its streets and buildings; this includes colonial era homes as well as modern skyscrapers built during British rule over Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). There are also plenty of parks around town where you can take your time exploring nature while enjoying the fresh air along with friends or family members..

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are several places within walking distance from each other where people gather daily: markets selling local produce; restaurants serving international cuisine like Indian food; bars serving popular drinks such as whiskey shots or cocktails made with local ingredients such as ginger ale mixed together with lime juice (a popular drink called “mocktail”) instead of alcohol because alcohol would not be allowed under current laws which prohibit mixing any two liquids together unless approved by authorities first!

Visit India by boat and discover the hidden depths of this wonderful country.

India is a land of diversity, culture and heritage. It has many attractions to offer and you can visit them in an exciting way by taking a cruise on one of the many boats that travel across this wonderful country.

India’s coastline is full of beautiful beaches where you can relax after a day at the beach. Some of these beaches are not too far away from each other so it will be easy for you to travel between them if needed!


You can choose from the best cruise destinations in India. There is something for everyone, so if you are looking to get a taste of the local culture then these India cruises will suit you perfectly.

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