Indian Visa for Greek and Israeli Citizens: The Safe Way

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With their rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery, India has become an increasingly attractive tourist destination for people from around the world, including recent travelers from Greece and Israel. In order to travel to India, citizens of both countries must apply for and obtain a valid Indian visa prior to arriving in the country. The visa process for Indian Visa for Greek Citizens is relatively straightforward and should be completed in advance of the proposed visit to India.

Types of Indian Visas for Greek and Israeli Citizens

To apply for an Indian visa, Indian Visa for Israeli Citizens must visit the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate in their hometown, or apply online on the Indian government’s e-Visa website. All applicants must be citizens of either Greece or Israel and must carry a valid passport with an expiration date at least six months away. Before filling out the required forms, applicants should also keep in mind the requirements for the type of visa they wish to obtain.

How to Apply for an Indian Visa

For most tourists, a standard Indian Visa will be sufficient. This visa is generally valid for 30 days and allows the holder to spend time in India to experience the local cultures and scenery. However, citizens of Greece and Israel who wish to stay for a longer period of time (up to 60 days) may be eligible for a medical, business, student, or research visa. Those planning to stay for even longer than that may need to apply for a longer-term visa such as an employment visa.

All visa applications for Indian citizens must include two recent passport-sized photographs and evidence of sufficient funds for the duration of their stay in India. In addition, a valid travel ticket to and from India must be shown, as well as an invitation letter from an Indian resident. Additional documents may be required in certain cases, such as for medical and research visas.

The visa processing time for Greek and Israeli citizens usually takes between one and four weeks, depending on the type of visa. Applicants are advised to apply at least four weeks prior to their intended date of travel. Once approved, the Indian visa is typically valid for a maximum stay of up to 90 days in total, during the period of one year from the date of issue.


In conclusion, travelling to India is a great way to explore the vast cultures and landscapes of this diverse country. There is a straightforward visa process for Greek and Israeli citizens, which can be completed either at their nearest embassy or consulate or through an online application.

Asees Mehtab

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