Ineos Vs Qatar for Man Utd

Sir Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos has joined a consortium led by Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al Thani in bidding for Manchester United. Both parties submitted bids ahead of Friday’s’soft’ deadline, but will face competition from US hedge fund giant Elliott which manages PS46bn worth of assets.


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Fast fashion companies are well known for greenwashing. They use deceptive practices, such as outright lying, bait-and-switch tactics, lack of definitions and “green by association,” to lead customers into purchasing products that do little actual good for the planet.

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Sportswashing, a term coined in 2015, refers to the practice of states using international sports to smudge their reputations. According to this theory, autocrats who lead regimes with questionable records often use sporting events as excuses to divert public attention away from their actions.

Sportswashing can be detrimental in several ways. The first is that it encourages a regime to commit further wrongdoings and maintain weak governance.

Second, it can impede or deflect other efforts to address moral wrongdoings, particularly in repressive states.

In the case of Qatar, hosting of the World Cup has caused much controversy due to their troubling human rights record. Amnesty International and others have voiced their opposition to hosting this tournament in their country yallashoot.


Manchester United’s bidding war for ownership is set to be fierce. Britain’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe will face off against Qatar Islamic Bank chairman Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani for control of the club.

Sheikh Jassim, a lifelong Manchester United fan, submitted his offer before the’soft’ deadline and has promised to free the club of debt. Furthermore, he pledged to restore Manchester United to its former glory both on and off the pitch.

US hedge fund giant Elliott has joined the race and will compete for ownership with Ratcliffe, Sheikh Jassim and a group of Qatari investors.

Last week, human rights group Fair Square wrote to Uefa with grave concerns regarding the potential sale of a Premier League club by entities linked to Qatari government. They raised “serious doubts” over dual ownership arrangements.


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Sir Jim Ratcliffe-owned INEOS and supported by Qatari Islamic bank chairman Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani have revealed they have made a bid for Man Utd. Their offer, estimated to be slightly below the Glazer family’s desired PS6bn valuation, seeks to bring the club back home to its North-West roots while leaving it debt free through Sheikh Jassim’s Nine Two Foundation.

United fans were taken aback by the Qatari bid, who they believed would enable the Glazers to reclaim their stake and leave Old Trafford bankrupt. However, United’s LGBTQ+ supporters group Rainbow Devils are calling on any prospective buyer to ensure that their purchase includes “a commitment to making football a sport for everyone – including LGBTQ+ supporters and players.”

Source: يلا شوت

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