Influencer Marketing – What? How?


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing might be a new phenomenon, but its guiding principle predates digital marketing itself. Ever since there have been consumer businesses looking to improve sales, there have been famous people who have been paid to influence their following to buy a product or service. 

With the rise of social media and the simultaneous increase in the number of famous influencers shaping discourse online, brands and companies have begun turning to influencer marketing for growth prospects. 

The need for this is obvious. Influencers in many ways represent a group of people who hold sway over a majority of people on social media. With a large audience at their disposal, influencers can spread a message to millions of people in a matter of seconds, which would otherwise take a normal digital marketing team many weeks and months. 

In this article, we will discuss how a brand can bring an influencer onboard and the advantages of influencer marketing. 

How to get an Influencer to promote something?

Saying influencer marketing is good is one thing, but actually getting an influencer onboard is by no means an easy task. Many small brands and startups in fact fail miserably to land an influencer for a myriad of reasons. Through the following points, we will lay out how a brand can land an influencer online. 

  • Identify Influencer

Many make the mistake of choosing the wrong influencers to promote their product. A digital marketer involved in onboarding influencers should first try to find legitimate voices from the industry whose influence can lend weight to a marketing campaign in general.

  • Engage with Influencer

The first and obvious step is to establish contact with an influencer. This can be done easily by following the content put out by the influencer in question and responding with appropriate comments. 

  • Introduce Influencer to Brand through content

A majority of influencers on social media are content creators. The best way to impress and catch the eye of popular influencers is by creating quality content, ideally related to their niche. Many brands miss the trick and approach influencers without first having created content which is likely to impress them. Simply asking an influencer to promote a brand won’t cut it. Digital marketers have to go the extra mile to make sure an influencer comes aboard. 

  • Consider ROI

Lastly, while some influencers promote products for free, such cases are rare. Normally, brands have to pay influencers a certain amount of money, as demanded by the influencer for promoting the product. 

Most influencers demand a fixed fee depending upon their following, rate of engagement, and previous success with other brands. 

A brand paying the influencer money should first evaluate whether the ROU is significant enough. Wasting a lot of money on some influencer who is not able to convert a sizable number of customers for the brand is akin to a digital marketing disaster. 

Thus, brands should be careful while choosing influencers, taking into consideration all the factors which can be detrimental to the overarching point of the whole exercise.

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