Information about pool vacuum cleaners for pool cleaning?


You should clean your pool at least once a week with the pool cleaner. Before you can start cleaning, assemble the pool vacuum cleaner. water fountain pump size calculator to do this, the brush attachment must be placed on the vacuum cleaner. If you have opted for a model with a hose or garden hose, also plug the hose into the pool vacuum. A cordless vacuum cleaner must be equipped with a charged battery. When assembling the pool vacuum cleaner, you should adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions so that the pool vacuum cleaner is well closed and no water can penetrate into the vacuum cleaner and possibly damage it.

In the case of a pool vacuum pump, the pump must be switched on for the pool vacuum cleaner to function. The hose of the pool vacuum cleaner is plugged into the filter system or the skimmer. A pool vacuum cleaner with a cable must be connected to the power.

If you use the pool vacuum cleaner with a garden hose, you need to turn on the water on the garden hose so that the pool vacuum can start. For all other types, turn on the pool vacuum cleaner and start cleaning.

After cleaning your pool, you should empty the net or collection container

To do this, first, let the water run out of the pool vacuum. At regular intervals, it is necessary to change the filter of an electric pool vacuum cleaner and a pool robot. You should keep the pool vacuum cleaner dry until the next use. In principle, a pool vacuum cleaner can also remain in the water. Apart from the fact that the vacuum cleaner may be perceived as disturbing, the chlorine in the water can also attack the surface of the pool vacuum cleaner in the long run.

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Are there spare parts for a pool vacuum cleaner?

For a pool vacuum, you will find both spare parts and accessories. These include drive belts, brushes, filters, handles, and more. The best way to find suitable spare parts is on the website of the pool vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

How much does a pool vacuum cleaner cost?

You can get a cheap pool vacuum cleaner for about 20 euros, but you can also invest several hundred euros for a pool vacuum.

From which manufacturers are there good pool vacuum cleaners?

You will find different brands and manufacturers for pond pump size cleaners as examples in our product table. Among others, you can get pool vacuum cleaners from the following manufacturers:

  • Intex
  • Bestway
  • Steinbach
  • Dolphin
  • Cranpool
  • Gardena
  • Kärcher

Where can I buy a pool vacuum cleaner?

You can simply order a pool vacuum cleaner on the Internet. In the trade, you can get pool vacuum cleaners in the hardware store or garden center such as Dehner, in the specialist trade for swimming pools, and seasonally under certain circumstances also on action areas at discounters such as Aldi or Lidl.

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