Tips To Getting Most Mileage Out Of Your Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges
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There’s a “low ink” light comes on and you think you’ve replaced the cartridge. Do you recognize the sound? Are too many prints rendering you look like a petty squatter? Here are some tips to help you achieve the most performance and the greatest value for using your Ink Cartridges:

Tip #1: Select Your Fonts Carefully.

Use bold words to write and be careful by using bold text. Avoid using heavy fonts, large borders, or dark shades. Beautiful fonts and white space are pleasing to the eye and less costly for your wallet.

Tip #2: Embrace Draft Mode.

When editing a document, and passing it off for approval printing non-final edits, use Draft Mode (see the printer settings).

Tip #3: High Five The Handout Mode.

PowerPoint presentations that are in handout mode are able to print 2 to six slides per sheet. If you can, print them with no background pictures. This significantly reduces ink/toner use and provides recipients with ample white space to write notes.

Tips #4 Display the PDF As A PDA.

PDFs are our favorite format – use them to share documents or keep online receipts. When you are logged into your web browser, to change the preferences just switch your preferences for printing in the direction of “Save to PDF”.

Tip #6: Two Printers Can Be Cheaper Than One.

A larger purchase or lease initial investment will save offices a lot of dollars in the long run. Laser printers are ideal for bulk B&W printing; and inkjet printers for color presentation and photo prints.

Tip #5: Cut Your Losses.

Add job code requirements to printers to discourage personal use printing; bill all job-related printing to clients to offset ink/toner/paper/printer maintenance costs.

Common Ink Saving Myths

Then there are the techniques that claim to save you ink, but truthfully, they won’t.

Myth 1: Shake the Cartridge with care. 

Yes, it’s true The “change cartridge” light will usually come up when there’s as much as 40% ink within the cartridge. It’s logical to take out the cartridge shake it vigorously and then put it back in. If you do it correctly you’ll be able to print more prints, but you’re more likely to harm this cartridge. It could cause leaks and ruin the printer. Things to be aware of to keep in mind

  • Wrap before Shake: A paper towel could help avoid the creation of a mess. Be certain that the cartridge is clear prior to replacing it.
  • Shake before Installing:  This ensures that you have everything ink to where it’s needed to be right from the beginning.

Myth #2: Unplug The Printer.

You’re going on vacation, so print your travel passes and then unplug your printer in order to conserve the energy… you think? Wrong! The majority of printers operate in the shut-down mode, where the print heads remain parked and sealed while ink drains in the cartridge. If you do not unplug the power before the process is completed, the ink remains in the printer cartridges and may dry out or block the print heads, which can damage the printer and waste ink. It is recommended to print for a couple of hours prior to the time you shut down or shut down the printer, but keep the printer connected even when you’re away.

Myth #3: Clean The Heads.

Modern printers are equipped with self-cleaning and maintenance software which run on autopilot – if you clean the heads manually frequently, you’re losing ink. If the print quality is declining, look through your user’s guide for maintenance guidelines specific to your printer.

Myth #4: Don’t Use Your Printer To Save Ink!

If your printer isn’t being utilized for a long period of time then the heads are likely to dry up and you’ll have to use more ink to get on track. A regular use schedule keeps your printer in good working order. Go through your user’s manual for suggestions on how to maintain your printer over time of inactivity. In lieu of having multiple printers in each office or scattered across the home, make use of Bluetooth technology, which lets all computers print to one printer.


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