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With the Houston Real Estate Insider blog, my goal is to provide you with “EXTRA” information and tools to help you with your real estate transactions. I’d want to provide updates on:


Houston at a glance

  • Jobs and population
  • Location
  • Education and Quality of Life


Houston’s businesses include medicine, finance, agriculture, transportation, and trade. The skills gap may slow our growth. Only 24% of Houston jobs pay well without a bachelor’s degree, while 49% pay poorly.


We can increase employability, promote economic mobility, and improve business productivity in our region by investing in empowering residents to participate in the workforce at a higher level.


In Houston, now is an excellent time to buy. With the growth of jobs and population, the Houston real estate market has plenty of options for owners looking to sell as well as potential buyers. This booming city has a lot to offer.


Houston is a city of noble and vibrant people that love, care, and support each other. Rooted in faith, service and family, we stand together to advance Houston as a world-class city through our unwavering commitment to diversity, excellence and prosperity. We invite you to explore our website to learn why Houston is the most diverse city in the country, why our economic opportunity is second-to-none, what we mean by “The Sunniest People on Earth” and why Houston is one of the healthiest cities in America


The diverse communities in and around Houston offer everything from urban sophistication to a small-town vibe. Consider the location that is right for you and make your move!


Education and Quality of Life


The North Houston area is brimming with high-quality educational options. The number of public and private, higher education and technical schools is growing in lockstep with the population.


North Houston is a great place to finish your education, with many colleges and technical schools nearby. Lone Star College, University of Houston, Sam Houston State University, Rice University, and more offer similar programs.


The North Houston region is distinguished from the surrounding communities in the greater Houston area by its natural beauty. North Houston is a great place for businesses, families, and individuals because of its steady growth and respect for the area’s natural forested setting.


North Houston has everything: accessibility, a wide range of housing lifestyle options, learning programs, first-rate health care, and a plethora of entertainment and outdoor recreation.


The diverse communities in and around Houston TX


The Heights, also known as “Greater Heights,” is one of Houston’s most historic neighborhoods and a great place to live and enjoy the area. It has some of the best accommodation facilities, shopping areas, and open air activities in the country. It also has tasty restaurants, nightlife, parks, and leisure.


River Oaks is a very traditional and affluent neighborhood. It is well-known for its opulent mansions, elegant townhouses, and upscale residences. River Oaks provides its residents with luxurious shops, restaurants, and high-quality theater performances. River Oaks is served by the Houston Independent School District, which provides excellent educational opportunities for students.


West University Area, known for its aggressive Little League baseball spot, is the roster update, the best place to live in the entire country. West University Place has been named the best city in Texas to live in..


Harris County is home to the Greater Hobby Area. Residents of Greater Hobby Area enjoy a mix of urban and suburban living, with the majority of residents owning their homes. There are numerous parks in the Greater Hobby Area. Greater Hobby Area is home to a large number of families, and its residents are liberal. Broader Hobby Area’s public schools were over average.


The University of Houston Clear Lake is one of four educational institutions in the University of Houston System.


Sugarcane production was Sugar Land’s lynchpin. Sugar became the primary industry as these settlers began farming and establishing plantations. Imperial Sugar was purchased in 1908 and renamed after a sugar cane refinery built in 1896.


Why live and work in The Woodlands, an award-winning luxury master planned community near Houston?




Eleny-Ly Simpson is a full-time full-service real estate agent specializing in Houston and the surrounding areas communities in the area. Regardless of whether you’re interested in

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