Instagram Story Viewer, How To View Instagram Stories Via Story App

Instagram is a famous app for sharing photos and videos via story. And it is used by 5 billion users a day. The amazing design and features of this app are outstanding. It is not only a social media app now, but it is now used as a business tool. Many famous brands and companies use Instagram as their target audience by sharing products via stories. Also, use Instagram story viewer Downloader to view insta stories.

But some people don’t want to let their names known to the story’s owner and want to see his story. On Instagram, when you see someone’s story, its name is added to the viewer list. But do not worry. So many methods and apps help you to see the Instagram story of others anonymously.

This way, you can keep an eye on your friends, child, or competitor and get the most out of it without letting them know. There are some tricks, tips, and apps that I will tell you in this read. Let’s continue reading to know the secret of watching Instagram stories anonymously. slowfoodmaresme

Instagram story viewer is the tool that works as a third party between you and the Instagram app and allows you to watch, download or save the stories of the person you want. Many story viewers are available free and paid. And all these apps you can find on the play store. By using these apps, you can see the story anonymously.

These Instagram story apps first access your Instagram information and allow you to view the story anonymously. These are some specific apps for iPhone and some for android devices.

Steps To Use Instagram Story App

·  First, download the best Instagram story app to your cell phone.

·  Log in to your Instagram account from this app.

·  Then this app will show you the stories of the people.

·  Select the person you want and watch the story anonymously.

Features Of A Good Instagram Story Viewer App

·  You can view private accounts.

·  Anonymously view the Instagram story that closed after 24 hours by downloading.

·  You can download any content from the specific account you want.

How To Choose The Best Instagram Story Viewer App?

Before choosing the right Instagram Story Viewer, consider the following things.

·  Choose the app that provides a 100% free anonymous story viewer facility.

·  Choose the one that doesn’t require any additional registration of any websites.

·  Instagram story viewer app should be easy to use, and you don’t need any special thing to understand or learn the app.

·  Choose the app which provides you with continuous service without any interruption.

·  The app should have the ability to upload photos or videos.

·  You can access the site from any source or gadget.

Method 2

Here are some other tricks to see the Instagram story anonymously which some are

View Instagram Story With Airplane Mode

It is a simple trick by which you can see the story anonymously. newfashionlamp

·  Open your Instagram app.

·  Click on the search bar present top right corner. tap on it

·  Now search for the name of the person you want to see the story.

·  Tap on the user profile

·  Turn n the airplane mode

·  Now click on the story blue circle and see the person’s story anonymously.

Method 3

View Story Anonymously By Using Another Instagram Account

Yes, it is also an easy way. You just need to make another account with a different name. And keep an eye on the person you want to investigate anonymously. So in this way, the person does not recognize you but be careful not to post or display such content that shows your identity.

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