Instant loan without CIBIL Score

If you need a personal loan without a credit score, you need to go for secured loans. The secured loans are available without any requirement for credit eligibility and credit score. Here are some of the options apart from personal loan apply:

  • Credit cards: If you are not willing to take an unsecured personal loan or are not getting the same, you can always take credit cards from financial institutions. Credit cards are an unsecured and completely flexible form of credit that you can use for anything under the sun. It comes with a fixed credit limit, depending on your credit health and financial stability.


  • Gold loans: Gold loans are a good option when you are not getting an instant personal loan online from a financial institution. Gold loans are very popular nowadays. Individuals are able to get the amount required with the help of gold. Gold is kept as a security or collateral with the bank or other non-banking financial institutions while borrowing the amount. The value of the loan that you pledge to the bank is what you get back as instant funds that you can use for anything. A gold loan is a flexible form of loan that can be used for anything.


  • Borrow from friends and family: If you are unable to obtain a personal loan from a financial institution, this is a viable option. Friends and family can be really helpful when you are stuck in any kind of financial crisis or emergency. Emergencies cannot be delayed or missed under any circumstances. Therefore, if you are not getting personal loan approval, you can always seek financial help from friends and family members. It is a better option as you don’t have to pay the rate of interest every month. You can also agree on a time to repeat the payment with a good gesture. It actually helps you with a smooth borrowing experience where you get instant funds without going through the borrowing process.


  • Top-up loans: These are very popular in India nowadays, offered by financial institutions to eligible borrowers. The top loans are pre-approved loans that are completely unsecured in nature. There is no need for credit eligibility or pledging any collateral or security to get the same. Based on a clean track record or good repayment history, financial institutions often provide top-up loans to existing customers. This is one of the best ways to get instant funds in our account without going through the lengthy and boring process. The loan has already been approved by the financial institutions, so there is no need for documentation. On top of that, loans are completely flexible in nature and can be used for anything under the sky without any limitation.


  • Overdraft loans: Overdraft loans are types of credit in which a certain amount of credit is approved and disbursed in the borrower’s account. It depends upon the borrower to withdraw the amount that they require. They can withdraw any amount they want without exhausting the entire credit at once. The best thing about overdraft is that you pay interest only on the amount that you have used. You don’t pay an interest rate on the entire loan amount that has been sanctioned. This is the best experience of having an overdraft facility. It is a flexible form of loan that can be used for anything without any hesitation or limitation.


  • Loan against fixed deposit: This is a common type of loan available from banks and non-banking financial institutions. If you have an existing fixed deposit with your bank, you can take a loan against it. You get disbursement within a few hours and it is completely flexible in order to be used for anything. The personal loan interest rate secured by FD is low.


  • Salary advance: A salary advance is a good alternative to a personal loan. You can take an advance to meet your instant needs. Repayment is done when you get back your salary. The eligibility criteria are based on the employment and income of the individual. The loan tenure is short as individuals need to pay it back by the next salary date. It is a completely flexible form of loan for all kinds of expenses.


  • Line of credit: This is a good way to attain instant funds from financial institutions. It completely depends upon your eligibility criteria and the loan provider. This is a flexible and unsecured form of loan that can provide you with instant and flexible sources of funds.

Wrapping up

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Ajay Singh

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